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How would you describe this character?

Here's one of the excerpts told from his POV:


My name sounded really good when she said it! I turned around and saw her making her way through the crowd. I opened my arms inviting, and she gave me a quick hug.

‘I’d been hoping for a kiss!’ I was practically shouting into her ear over the music.

‘Not until your lips heal,’ she replied. ‘Jarret,’ she added, ‘Druian hasn’t been seen in a while.’

‘I’m sure he hasn’t – interesting, huh? Have a drink.’ I turned around and waved at a passing man.

‘Jarret!’ Iva exclaimed. ‘I’m getting worried!’

I sighed through my teeth, and turned around to face her. ‘Sweets, for all your virtues and –’ I looked her up and down, ‘- stunning beauty, you haven’t really caught on to the way we do things.’

‘Wow. Thank you, Jarret,’ she said coldly.

‘I’m being honest. I thought girls liked honesty. God, you’re a confusing lot.’ I shook my head and said, ‘I think I’ve given you the wrong idea with us. This,’ I gestured to me, and then to her, ‘isn’t normal. And believe me, I know all about the abnormal. And with my supreme knowledge of the abnormal, as well as just about everything else under the sun, I believe that Druian shouldn’t be followed. Is it a shame? Yes. Is it our business? No. Now come on, I want to dance.’

I grabbed her hand and tried to pull her along. She stepped away from me.

‘I can’t believe you!’ she exclaimed.

I raised an eyebrow. ‘Er – so, what, do you want to sing?’

‘No, Jarret, I don’t want that.’

I laughed then. One arm slunk around her waist and I pulled her close to me. ‘Alright,’ I said with wink. ‘I understand now. I think I know somewhere private –’

‘Jarret, I can’t believe what I’m hearing!’ Iva cried. ‘Druian could be in trouble!’

‘No doubt about it. Shame. I’m going to miss him.’

‘We should help him.’

‘No, we shouldn’t. You need to relax. I’m going to get you a drink,’ I suggested, and turned away. As I walked, I swung the cane – perhaps with a bit too much flourish, but it cleared the way through the crowd like a charm. Iva was worrying too much. Druian was a good kid, but unfortunately he was also an idiot. I’d miss him, but I wasn’t exactly going to fall to my knees and cry out in grief.

I heard Iva calling me.

‘Fine! If you don’t help him, I’ll go to your cousin and tell him why his cane is suddenly missing!’

I stopped in my tracks.

One hand gently traced the polished wooden surface of the walking cane that I still held. Slowly, I turned around and met Iva’s challenging gaze. I gave her my best “puppy-dog” eyes, but she was unrelenting.

‘I like the cane,’ I said, feeling like a sulking child.

‘You would choose the cane over Druian’s life?’


Iva grabbed the bottle on the table beside her. Her fingers curled around the neck and she hoisted it into the air. The next thing I knew, she’d cracked it over my head.

I fell to the ground, but stayed conscious. Something cold was dribbling down the side of my head, and I thanked God that the bottle had been almost empty. Nonetheless, my hair stuck to the sides of my head and my fringe dripped as I looked up at Iva.

‘Good God, you’re crazy,’ I said, my eyes wide. Then I let out a fast breath, and an irrepressible smile spread over my lips.

‘We’re going to find Druian.’

I rose to my feet slowly and managed to regain balance. Thank goodness I had a cane with me, because I doubted that I’d be able to stand without it. I stared at Iva for a long time, hoping that she’d just give up.

It was then that I heard a cold voice behind me.

‘Jarret, why the hell do you have my cane?!’

I turned, saw Zeth’s furious glare, and cringed as I faced Iva. At about the same time, the cane slipped through my sweat-slicked fingers and hit the ground.

‘Alright,’ I said quickly to Iva, ‘let’s go.’

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    First of all let me say that is an interesting story. I got gripped in once the "cane" came into play. Guess thats my Fantasy lover side coming out.

    Anyways, Jarret seems like a man who already has an opinion of the world around him. He knows what he "should" do but actually doing it needs some outside influence. His relationship with Iva seems to bring out a key part of his character. He is hard to assuage, given his chosen path, and likes the experiences of the world. He feels like he deserves more than the average onlooker would think and he's not afraid to let others know this fact.

    I think, in my opinion, that Jarret had something happen to him that made him create this metaphorical pedestal he puts himself on. He views himself above others and usually the upbringing or early life experiences shape a person like that.

    The cane, whatever it really is, symbolizes a sense of power he believes he has earned. It is not easily given up but in the face of a situation that would logically take it away from him he is helpless. He does not strive to better himself or those around him because he likes the world the way it is, with him on the top of his intellectual pyramid.

    WOW, sorry to go off on a tangent like that. I hope this answered your question and I will say this: Keep writing. You seem to have a gift that is becoming more rare these days.


    Source(s): I am an aspiring writer.
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    great story keep it.

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