Are Indian muslims proud of the fact that their forefathers were forced to convert?


Would you convert back under fear of death?

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    9 years ago
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    They have no remorse about it in fact they would like it if all of the Indians accepted their cult even if it was by force. Like the fate of Constantinople which was forced to accept islam and now it is Istanbul the same goes for Mecca, Medina, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Morocco, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, entire Saudi Arabia and the rest of the 36 "muslim" countries etc were all non muslim countries till the muslims came, they raided it and seized it.

    They wanted to do the same with Spain till they were royally kicked out ( 3 cheers for the Spaniards hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray hip hip hurray) But they are still trying to convert as many places as possible so far they have recently converted Malaysia and they will not rest till everyone and every place is islamic and if that happens it will be the end of humane laws and democracy.

  • 9 years ago

    Well I don't know how Muslims feel about that. I often wonder how Pakistani's hate Indians when they have Indian roots !

    I am a Sikh and I still consider myself as a Hindu deep down because Sikhism was made to protect Hinduism due to the forceful conversions by Muslims.

  • 3 years ago

    I agree fairly plenty Muhammad Asif's answer. the guideline for marrying is non-muslims is this: in case you're a Jew, or a Christian, or theist, who believes that there is entirely one God, who would not have a picture, then you definitely do no longer could desire to transform, as you share a similar ideals as a Muslim. in case you have self belief in any different case, you will could desire to transform to marry. no person can stress you to transform, it quite is purely your decision. despite in case you won't be able to marry the guy in case you do no longer. the rationalization? Compatibility. Say your a Catholic who thinks everyone who doesnt settle for Jesus(pbuh) will circulate to hell. Your husband is a non secular muslim who will in no way convert. would not you be desparate to transform him, and would not that deliver approximately fights? it may additionally be any opposite direction around. besides, there is often the difficulty of youngsters. Who do they pay attention to, mom or dad? confident, everyone inspite of religion can struggle with the aid of undesirable marriages, despite if it is not needed that they are going to, and no you may desire to circulate right into a marriage understanding there is the alternative if a divorce.

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    9 years ago

    Go read the authentic history first.If it were true then you would or every Indian would be a Muslim.Because Muslims are second majority in India.Then and now too.

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    9 years ago

    I dont know. I'm not an Indian Muslim. But i'd like you to know that Islam is not only for Indians it is for every race and culture, it is a religion for everyone. Islam was spread to the locals of different countries after they witnessed the kindness and manners of the Muslims they embraced Islam. Islam never spread through the sword. History is my evidence.

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    9 years ago


    what are you talking about....the whole reason religions still exist is because somewhere in sometime of history all of our forefathers were forced to convert and believe..... Islam, Christianity Judaism......all of them...regardless of your race and religion


    sorry, I just clicked back and saw the ~●~ρяιη¢єѕα~●~ post....i think he is being sarcastic.

    no religion and specially not islam just SPREAD around..

    they put a sword on your neck and said are you muslim or not? yes you you die right then and there

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    9 years ago

    do you feel proud of yourself when you have pointless stabs at other people religions and belief systems?


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