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Ladies, why do you assume every guy studying science is a nerd?

I'm studying environmental engineering in school, and i love contaminant hydrology and remediation design. But why do girls think im a nerd? A nerd to me is a geeky looking person that's playing starcraft on friday night and gets off on math equations. I love to party, go to bars, i'm good looking, i love travelling and hiking/kayaking. Why are girls so closed off to guys like me with college majors like this and dont even know what kind of a person theyre missing out on having as a friend?

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    Not me. That's one of the things I look forward to most when I go to college nxt yr hahah

    Bonus points if they're nerdyscience (bio/environmental/chem majors) + loves nature!


    Truthfully, as a HS senior, I don't label people as nerds anymore. That's kind of 8th grade..

    Because at the school I go to, people are surprising me all the time with their unpredictable traits, so it's I just gave up on labelling a while ago.

    There are quiet, studious girls that would go to dances and party so hard, and these quiet girls that actually play beer pong and smoke w/ hookahs, and "popular" type people that are really really smart! So much that I, a "nerd" am jealous of their intelligence.

    So yeah.. I don't try to label anymore.

    I feel like unless I actually talk to someone, everyone else is just kind of a blank space w/ nothing to fill in there until I know them.

    And I don't know a lot of people. So there's a lot of blank spaces.

    But YAY! "Nerdy" science friends yay !

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    Its just the stereotype. I wouldn't automatically assume your a nerd. Most probably wouldnt. Unless you LOOK like one, then they might assume it without getting to know you.

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    nerds are sexy :P enjoy it .

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