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Dumb and Dumber music question?

Does anyone know the song when Lloyd goes to the Airport to pickup Mary. The song also occurs when Lloyd drops Mary off at the airport and later crashes his limo. Please don't give me the answer Love Affair by Dick Walter because I have the 30 second version and thats not it. I have a feeling a man name Ray Colcord wrote the song but there is no way I could find a version of the song. I have tried contacting twice by email but he hasn't replied back and my assumption is that he never checks the email since it's an old one.

If you could tell me that would be great I have been looking for this song for years and I won't give up. Heres a link to song it's in the background.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Here are all the songs in the movie, if you listen to them I am sure you can figure it out pretty quickly.

    "Boom Shack-A-Lak"

    Performed by Apache Indian

    Written by Apache Indian (as Steven Kapur) & Ervin Barrington Woolley

    Courtesy of Island Records Ltd.

    "Hip Hop Solution"

    Performed & Written by Ray Colcord

    "The Love Affair"

    Written by Dick Walter

    Courtesy of Associated Production Music

    "Red Right Hand"

    Performed by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (as Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds)

    Written by Nick Cave, Mick Harvey & Thomas Wydler

    Courtesy of Mute Records

    By Arrangement with Warner Special Products

    "Get Ready"

    Performed by The Proclaimers

    Written by Smokey Robinson (as William "Smokey" Robinson)

    Courtesy of Chrysalis Records Ltd.

    "Rap Me Silly"

    Performed & Written by Ray Colcord


    Performed by Echobelly

    Written by Madan/Johansson

    Courtesy of Rhythm King Records

    "Permanent Vacation"

    Performed & Written by Tom Wolfe

    "Too Much Of A Good Thing"

    Performed by The Sons featuring Bret Reilly

    Written by Bret Reilly

    Courtesy of The RCA Records Label of BMG Music

    "2 Ft. O' Butt Crack"

    Performed by Circle The Wagon

    Written by William Goodrum (as Jimmy Glen Pines) & Elmo Jackson


    Performed by Jim Carrey (as Lloyd) & Jeff Daniels (as Harry)

    Written by Charles Foxx & Inez Foxx

    "The Rain, The Park And Other Things"

    Performed by The Cowsills

    Written by Artie Kornfeld (as Arty Kornfield) & Steve Duboff

    Courtesy of PolyGram Special Markets

    "The Bear Song"

    Performed & Written by Green Jellÿ (as Green Jelly)

    Courtesy of Zoo Entertainment

    "The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead"

    Performed by Crash Test Dummies

    Written by Andy Partridge

    Courtesy of BMG Music Canada, Inc.


    Performed by The Lupins

    Written by Lance Tawzer & Stoley

    Courtesy of The RCA Records Label of BMG Music

    "Hurdy Gurdy Man"

    Performed by Butthole Surfers (as The Butthole Surfers)

    Written by Donovan

    Courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc.

    "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"

    Performed by Crash Test Dummies

    Written by Brad Roberts

    Courtesy of BMG Music Canada, Inc.


    (The '95 Mix)

    Performed by The Primitives

    Written by Paul Court (as Paul J. Court), Steve Dullaghan (as Stephen Dullaghan) & Tracy Spencer

    Courtesy of BMG Records (UK) Ltd.

    "Where I Find My Heaven"

    Performed by Gigolo Aunts (as The Gigolo Aunts)

    Written by Brouwer, Gibbs, Hurley & Hurley

    Courtesy of The RCA Records Label/Fire Records

    "Trumpet Voluntary"

    Written by Jeremiah Clarke

    Courtesy of Audio Action

    "Country Adagio"

    Performed & Written by Ian Hughes

    Courtesy of Audio Action

    "You Sexy Thing"

    Performed by Deee-Lite

    Written by Errol Brown & Anthony Wilson

    Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment, a division of Warner Communications, Inc.

    "Oh Pretty Woman"

    Performed by Roy Orbison

    Written by Roy Orbison & Bill Dees (as William Dees)

    Courtesy of Monument Records

    By Arrangement with Sony Music Special Products

    "Endangered Species"

    Performed & Written by Ray Colcord & Joe E. Rand

    "Snow Bird Serenade"

    Performed & Written by Ray Colcord & Joe E. Rand

    "New Age Girl"

    Performed by Dead Eye Dick

    Written by Caleb Guillotte

    Courtesy of Ichiban Records

    "Should Have Known"

    Performed and Music by Michael A. Lerner (as Michael Alan Lerner) & Sander Selover

    Lyrics by Michael A. Lerner (as Michael Alan Lerner)

    "If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)"

    Performed & Written by Pete Droge

    Courtesy of American Recordings

    By Arrangement with Warner Special Products

    "Ride Of Mrs. Gulch"

    Written by Harold Arlen

    "Make Love Now"

    Written by Pat Wilson (as Patrick Wilson)

    Courtesy of Associated Production Music

    "Can We Still Be Friends"

    Performed & Written by Todd Rundgren

    Courtesy of Bearsville Records


    From "The Messiah"

    Composed by George Frideric Handel (as Georg Friedrich Handel)

    Courtesy of Associated Production Music

    "Rollin' Down The Hill"

    Performed by The Rembrandts

    Written by Phil Solem (as Phil Selen) and Danny Wilde

    Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

    By Arrangement with Warner Special Products

    "Whiney Whiney (Things That Make Me Crazy)"

    Performed by Willi One Blood

    Written by Willi One Blood, David Raimer, Henry Mancini & Ray Davies

    Courtesy of The RCA Records Label of BMG Music

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  • 3 years ago

    there grew to become right into a time in history type for me as nicely... me and a new child have been form of talking approximately music in an off-the-cuff way and naming bands seeing which of them we cherished and did no longer, we differed on some, agreed on others, then I point out Soundgarden and he says he hasn't heard them, or a minimum of forgot what they did... so I provide him my iPod and in basic terms click on the 1st music that's Rusty Cage, he tells me to play their maximum time-honored music... so I click Black hollow solar he says, oh yeah, this music is sic... then by the tip of it I say, so what do you think of? He says... that is extraordinarily stable... regardless of the undeniable fact that it sounds form of like Christian Rock.......... i'm going to easily say that the difficulty devolved into me explaining how that logically would not make sense considering Christian Rock isn't a "sound", it could sound like something, what makes it Christian Rock is the lyrics... and Soundgarden in many circumstances have anti-non secular lyrics... so that they are not Christian Rock... and the do no longer "sound like" christian Rock on the grounds that's a logical impossibility... it grew to become right into a super mess and this all flew over the youngster's head, and it grew to become into in basic terms fake impression and undesirable vibes galore... i do no longer likely attempt to talk to human beings approximately music plenty except i understand they very own a working suggestions... thankfully now that i'm in college there are greater human beings like that... yet besides, it somewhat is my tale of a suggestions-numbingly lame and stupid music verbal replace that I skilled.

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