What is the best book on Conway Twitty's autobiography?

I grew up listening to Mr. Conway Twitty. There is not another country singer that can match his talent, his love of country music, his feelings he put in the songs, family, and his friends. I have almost every album he has recorded. When he died I could not believe the news. Conway Twitty left a "Big Hole" that can not be filled. I would like to read about his life with his children's mother, his love for his kids and why in the world he married "DEE" that made me mad! And the way that woman treated his children after his death is appauling. I would like to know why Michael Jenkins sided with "DEE" instead of his siblings. If he was my brother I would be mad!! I wish I could find an autographed copy of a picture and book about Conway Twitty. Thank you.


I meant biography not autobiography. I goofed. I know what I wanted I was thinking one thing and wrote another. sorry....L0L

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    "Autobiography" means the person himself wrote it. Twitty didn't write his own story.

    There are two books out, "Conway Twitty: The Authorized Biography" and "From Aaron Jenkins to Harold Jenkins: Conway Twitty's Roots" (which was published in Twitty's lifetime). I don't know of any other biographies in the works on him at the moment.

    As for autographed photos, the website has them (http://www.richardsandsouthern.com/store/conway-tw... ), or you can try eBay.

    BTW, if you think Twitty's story is harsh, read Faron Young's biography! Well-written, but a friend of mine said he had to stop reading it because Faron was such an absolute morally bankrupt jerk that he wasn't worth the time invested to read the story!

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    Conway Twitty Biography

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  • 4 years ago

    Conway hired a person to do his family tree and made it into a book. "From Aaron Jenkins to Harold Jenkins: Conway Twitty's Roots"

    If you would like to know more on who all he kin to you may message/email me. I got farther than his book and to present (for the most part) (btw my mothers 2 cuz on her dad side)

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