Harry Potter Characters Played by 2+ Actors?

From the first movie-Sorcerer's Stone- to the last two-Deathly Hallows Parts 1/2-which characters have been played by more than one actor?

ex. Albus Dumbledore-I know he was played by two different actors;

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    The Fat Lady - Elizabeth Spriggs/Dawn French

    Helena Ravenclaw - Nina Young/Kelly Macdonald

    Katie Bell - Emily Dale/Georgina Leonidas

    Lavender Brown - Jennifer Smith/Jessie Cave

    Angelina Johnson - Danielle Tabor/Tiana Benjamin

    Ernie Macmillan - Louis Doyle/Jamie Marks

    Pansy Parkinson - Genevieve Gaunt/Scarlett Byrne

    Padma Patil - Sharon Sandu/Afshan Azad

    Parvati Patil - Sitara Shah/Shefali Chowdhury

    Alicia Spinnet - Leilah Sutherland/Rochelle Douglas

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