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Which city do you prefer and why.. Tucson, AZ or Glendale, AZ?

I may be moving to either Tucson or Glendale, AZ by next summer (2011) with my boyfriend. I was wondering what everybody thought of these cities, things to do, weather, etc. Any info is good. Thank you! -Aly

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    Well, Tucson is not a well planned city and not easy to navigate. It has U of A which is a good university and med school. The weather is slightly cooler than Glendale (few degrees)

    Glendale has one of the campuses (west) of ASU ( my alma mater so I think it's the best university). Glendale is a suburb of Phoenix (5th largest city in country). There are 4 sports teams here, a lengthy list of entertainment venues, There are numerous freeways in the metropolitan area making it easy to get around and there is a freeway 101 that loops around the entire area. Glendale is only a 2 hr from beautiful Sedona and a 4 hr. drive from the Grand Canyon. Two hours from Glendale will put you in the snow in the winter (Snowbowl for skiing, etc.) or stay here in the valley and enjoy our beautiful weather that attracts people from all over the world. I love it here.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They're both kind of boring, but Glendale's better because you're closer to all the fun cities (Phoenix, Tempe, etc.). If you moved to Tucson, you'd have to drive pretty far to get to Phoenix. Plus, Glendale has the Cardinals Stadium and Coyote Stadium at the Westgate Center. Even if you're not into sports, Westgate's still a pretty fun place to hang out or catch a movie. Tucson has a few fun places, but after a while, it gets pretty boring. If you're in Glendale, you have more places close by that you can explore. After all, you can always drive down to Tucson on the rare occassion you can't find anything to do in or around Glendale.

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  • 4 years ago

    Dallas isn't a crappy city. I stay here and that i've got lived here all my existence. it relatively is lots extra proper than alot of different cities. I mean, advantageous, downtown is a sprint grimy with an intensive-up seem, yet what downtown isn't. a minimum of the skyl;ine is incredibly from far away. And as for the the remainder of Dallas, it is not crappy in any respect. There are areas of Dallas that are crappy, like o.ok.Cliff and friendly Grove, yet we can't permit little places like that supply the finished city a undesirable rep.

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