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Puppy Adoption questions!?!?

Okay so i want to adopt a puppy from a shelter but i don't know any good shelters i live in Massachusetts but i am flexible with anywhere that is pretty close i want to get a puppy from one but all of their websites never have like puppies do they have litters at the shelters that they aren't showing? Also if you know any good shelters near me can you let me know please!

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    Well where in Massachusetts do you live? I went to www.petfinder.com and looked for puppies in Massachusetts. Well, I put in Boston. Hopefully you are close enough to Boston.

    Here are some of the results for puppies in Boston, MA





    Here are some animal shelters in Boston, MA that you could visit.

    The City of Boston Animal Shelter


    Animal Rescue League of Boston


    Well, there may be litters of some puppies that they haven't gotten in yet, or haven't put up on their website. But yeah. If you don't live near Boston, just go to www.petfinder.com and search for dogs around the area you live. I hope this helped you. I'm glad that you are choosing to adopt from a shelter, rather than buy from a breeder.

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    shelters have whatever they get in.. there's no way to guarantee that there is a litter of puppies there or not. They dont have a steady supply of puppies from some breeder or something.

    Websites are not always updated either, and not all dogs/pups may be shown on the website either.. you will just have to go to the shelter itself and see what is there. Even if they dont have any puppies this week, they may have some next week. You just never know.. the shelter never knows.

    www.petfinder.com this is a good resource for finding shelters and rescues in your area.

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    Hi , I simply followed a puppy a million week in the past , the principal factor might mainly be to be certain you will have a tribulation section, mine is two weeks. That manner you'll rather see how a puppy goes to do at your dwelling. This used to be our first adoption, the primary two days had been a little bit stressfull however now she turns out flawlessly adjusted. Our new puppy (Amber) used to be no longer in a foster dwelling, however I consider it might have helped. If she is already spayed then she has just lately been to the vet. Good good fortune and I wish all is going good! I determined a record of questions here's the hyperlink.

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    If you want to buy a puppy from the pound you are going to have to check regularly. Puppies tend to get purchased as soon as they are available.

    Obviously you won't get to choose what kind of puppy you want, you get what you get. Kind of a crapshoot, because there is great chance it won't be a dog that fits in with your lifestyle.

    If you have your heart set on a puppy I suggest you pick a breed and buy one from a reputable breeder, so you get to choose the kind of dog you have, not whatever gets tossed at the pound on any given day.

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    There are no "good" "bad" shelters. Every shelter has animals that would LOVE to be adopted.

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    if you really want a puppy and want a wide variety in choice, wait till spring.

    that's when you'll find the most puppies in shelters.

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    A shelter is not necessarily going to have puppies, but you can check www.petfinder.com

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    Ask your vet/vet tech for help. They will know what shelters to help you in your area and which ones to stay away from.

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    If you try Pet Finder.com you might be succesful.

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