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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 9 years ago

Why do the academy members always choose the wrong movie, directors and actors....?

Is there some sord of Politics in it,I read once that "Reese witherspoon" knew earlier that she's going to win best actress....Also am i the only one who thinks "Peter O'Toole" deserve the award more than one time?

and am i the only one who thinks "Omar Sherrif" deserve to win best actor in "Doctor Zchivago"?

Opinions, thoughts?

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  • Donny
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    I learned not to really care about the Oscars. When an actor/director/movie/etc that I like wins I'll be happy, but there have been so many jips since it started for me to even care.

    Peter O'Toole is one of the greatest actors of all time, it would be great if he won an Oscar, but he'll still have a legacy if he doesn't. Look at Alfred Hitchcock, the greatest director of all time, he did not win ONE oscar, foolishness

    for fun I'll choose the top 10 biggest jips in the best actor, and best picture category. i'll put the movie that should've won, than the movie that DID win in parentheses


    1971- A Clockwork Orange (French Connection)

    1976- Taxi Driver (Rocky)

    1979- Apocalypse Now (Kramer vs Kramer)

    1980- Raging Bull (Ordinary People)

    1981- Raiders of the Lost Ark (Chariots of Fire)

    1987- Full Metal Jacket (The Last Emperor)

    1990- Goodfellas (Dances With Wolves)

    1994- Pulp Fiction (Forrest Gump)

    1996- Fargo (The English Patient)

    1997- Good Will Hunting (Titanic)

    1998- Saving Private Ryan (Shakespeare in Love)

    2002- The Pianist (Chicago)

    2008- The Wrestler (Slumdog Millionaire)

    that's more than 10 I got carried away haha


    1955: James Dean- Rebel Without A Cause (Ernest Borgnine)

    1967: Dustin Hoffman- The Graduate (Rod Steiger)

    1974: Al Pacino- The Godfather Part II (Art Carney)

    1976: Robert De Niro- Taxi Driver (Peter Finch)

    1978: Robert De Niro- The Deer Hunter (Jon Voight)

    1994: John Travolta- Pulp Fiction (Tom Hanks)

    1997: Matt Damon- Good Will Hunting (Jack Nicholson)

    1998: Edward Norton- American History X (Roberto Benigni)

    2004: Leonardo Dicaprio- The Aviator (Jamie Foxx)

    2008: Mickey Rourke- The Wrestler (Sean Penn)

    those are just what I think, good question!

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Dude, and why are there dumb people who call idiotic movies the best movies of all time on this site? Like I DON'T KNOW!

    Seriously some movies and actors that are nothing and less than nothing to me some people call their favorite. I can't beat it, I just have to learn to live with it, so should you lol

    and yes, Peter O'Toole should win the Award some time (he wasn't lucky any of the 8 times though), hope before he dies, remember what Ellen said to him?

    -You know what they say? The third time is a charm!

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  • travod
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    The Academy is full of old people who don't understand things like Avatar. If a movie is:

    set a long time ago like medieval times, a movie about war, not a comedy, not a fantasy (only exception was Lord of the Rings), then they like it.

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  • 9 years ago

    oh im sure they get some advanced warning so they really make it look good.

    and yes some movies get them that dont deserve any.

    take for example

    American Beauty

    here is a movie that had: No story line, No good cast, no plot, nothing worth watching AT ALL

    and somehow it got oscars over

    Green Mile

    A movie with it all

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  • 9 years ago

    different people think different things and have different reasons for thinking those things.

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