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what are some good tap shoes?

i am starting tap in a few weeks and wanted to know what people reccomended for tap shoes. i am a size 8 (uk). thankyou :)

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    Bloch tap shoes are really comfortable, especially because they have soft leather as opposed to hard leather. If you're just a beginner, and you don't want to spend too much money, try Capezio. They're not as comfortable, but the taps have pretty good sounds. Normally, the tap shoes will come with the taps attached, but if you have to buy them separately I would highly recommend the Revolution brand. When you buy them, you will have to decide whether to buy full sole or split sole. If I were you I would buy the full sole, because they have much better sound quality, and you don't feel like you're going to break your ankle whenever you do toe stands. Some people like split sole better, because they're more "free" and you can point your foot in them. It's mostly a preference thing, however.

    Here's some links for some good tap shoes:


    Split Sole:

    Full Sole:


    Split Sole:

    Full Sole:

    * I can't seem to find the revolution taps online, but if you ask in a store, I'm sure they'll know what you're talking about

    Oh almost thing, almost forgot :). There's three types, either slip on, lace up, or mary jane. I personally find the lace up kind the most convenient, as you can tie it however tight you want, and it's pretty comfortable. Slip on is also a good kind to have, although I would only recommend slip on if you have narrow feet. The mary jane style is more of the "pretty" tap shoes, and it's generally not used in the higher levels. Yes, it may look cool, but it doesn't provide that much support. I would suggest you go to a dance store to go try on shoes there. You can order them from online, but you may not be happy with the results. Dance shoes should really be fitted by a professional fitter, to guarantee the best outcome.

    Happy Dancing! :)

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    Lace Up Tap Shoes

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    This Site Might Help You.


    what are some good tap shoes?

    i am starting tap in a few weeks and wanted to know what people reccomended for tap shoes. i am a size 8 (uk). thankyou :)

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    a tap shoe is usually a leather shoe with a blocked heel, caramel for girls and black for boys, and has a metal tap plate on the heel and the ball of the shoe. its used in tap dance, a highly skillful dance style. a character shoe is black and made of canvas with an elastic strap across the arch of the foot. it is used for character (folk dance). if you know about the RAD ballet system, character is part of the graded exam syllabus and under character you study Russian and Polish traditional dance. you could have a look at a dance shops web site and look at the differences there or pop in to your local shop and as to have a look at them. hope this helps. happy dancing!

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