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Cattle Farming: Benefits to the environment?

In cattle farming are there any benefits towards the environment?

I only have one point and that is (in Australia) they graze and use land that is generally arid or semi arid and not that useful to humans due to its climate.

Thank you :D


BTW; it's just for a powerpoint where we have to list some benefits and disadvantages, and I only need benefits :D

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    The people who say there is no environmental benefit prove they don't know what they're talking about. In low rainfall areas, when grazed properly, cattle, sheep and goats help maintain grasses and prevent the spread of woody vegetation. It's a known fact that in places such as the high plains (US), when woody plants take over an area, their deep taproots suck up ground water, drying up springs and streams. When that vegetation is killed or removed, springs come back and streams start flowing again even when it hasn't rained in quite a while. Doing a little research will prove that.

    There are wildlife benefits as well. Some animals and birds (rabbits, quail, prairie chickens for example) need grass and weed environments for cover and feed while others such as deer and turkeys need standing trees and wooded areas. Here in Missouri, there is more forested area now than there was over 100 years ago. I've seen woodland encroach grasslands in my home county and as it has, deer and turkey populations have increased while quail and rabbit populations have plummeted.

    I'm not condoning widespread deforestation nor am I condoning overgrazing of grasslands, it's just that the environment is like a teeter-totter. When one component increases, there will be a decrease of another component. You can't have both. It's just that simple.

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    No... For one thing, you don't need to raise deer, they raise themselves. All you need to do is buy a licence to Shoot them. In the US the deer population is doing very well. Deer are one of the few animals that were able to adapt to living in urban settings and frequently roam through cities and often across busy highways. The other reason is that cattle are much better at converting food into meat. We wouldn't have been raising them all this time if they weren't. The problems that do occur from cattle are in situations where an animal is introduced into an environment that they are not suited for. It's like introducing an invasive species into an environment that cannot handle it. Putting cattle into a tropical area is not a good idea since they are temperate plains animals. You need to have the correct type of animal for the correct type of environment you live in. Goats & sheep do well in arid and dry places. Cows do well in plains. I'm not sure what would be good for tropical settings. And some places, like jungle are just not supposed to have herds of animals being farmed there. As long as you do not have too many cattle in the amount of space you have for them they do not harm the environment any more than any other animal. Packing too many animals into a small space however will cause the same effect no matter what kind of animal it is.

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    I take it you are referring to beef cattle as opposed to dairy cattle. There is a big difference between the two. There is no benefit as such to the environment, other than what the farmer does to achieve any such benefits. Farmers can look after hedgerows which benefit lots of varied wildlife etc.

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    Environment needs protection of human

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    It all depends on which side of the argument you ask. You "only point" is not a strong one, it is a weak one. You will find many will validly argue against the impact of the native wildlife & plants. ( I am a pro beef / Dairy person )...........

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    It benefits human beings,otherwise it is not beneficial to environment.

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