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Mark Webber F1 2010 season?

Ok so what happened with mark webber in the ABU DHABI grand prix i herd it was a problem with one of his pit stops or something which lap was it on ??

so yea any answers on those questions wud b good THANKS :)

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    Webber pitted on lap 11. He and Alonso just didn't seem to try hard enough to overtake Petrov (and subsequently the other cars ahead). Petrov drove well, but Alonso and Webber both have the talent, experience, and the cars to take more chances than they did in the race. Their lacklustre driving when all the chips were on the table is the reason neither of their cars will have the number one on the nose next year, and deservedly so.

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    I guess this sort of shows my ignorance on matters F1, but I reckon Webber's job was not to win the race, his job was to get Alonso out of the driver's championship contention, which he did. The thing with the bad tyres and all that stuff was probably half true, but it was planned before qualifying. If Red Bull had been serious about him winning they would have put fresh tyres on his car just before the end of qualifying. They didn't, so they wanted him out there needing to pit early. That way Alonso would probably pit early as well, then because the cars are still fairly close at near the start of the race, it is likely they would be over half a lap down by the time the leaders had to pit, which would put Alonso out of the points.

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    For the person above Mark Webber didn't have a "rubbish" start his start was ok not bad and not good too and he didn't got passed by another driver

    i just think he lost hope at winning the world champion that all i can say because it seems like Webber didn't even try to overtake alonso and alonso did a lot of mistakes and webber wasn't very close to be close enough to pass him

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    Pit stop problems mostly, He and Alonso couldn't get by Petrov and well after that Vettel got the championship miraculously. As a Webber fan I'm still happy to see Sebastian win it.

    Webber for 2011(Hopefully)

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    I think the Abu Dhabi circuit is not really designed for overtaking, a good starting position is the key to win this race.

    For example, if this last race had not championship critical, it would be quite safe to be a boring race.

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    It wasn't in Abu Dhabi but in Korea where he lost the WDC. His old nerves got to him, he froze, and then he melted. I thought he should have been cool as ice like his teammate, leave the opposition in his exhaust, and lock down the championship. But I think the pressure of it got to him, and so he ended up racing not to lose instead of racing to win. Everything piled up and so he found himself in a bad position in Abu Dhabi.

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    Bad Qualifying, P5. He wasn't driving at his best, going all out during the first few laps so he shot his tires. Plus, His right rear hit the wall really hard that it sparked, could have suspension or tire/wheel damage.

    He pitted and pushed him further back and then he can't get through the traffic.

    Goodbye season 2010

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    Simply he's not tough enough to fight till the end. He gave all his hopes up at the last race and he didn't even try to show smth. He's a fake.

  • He did not have any problems. He got a rubbish start and got passed and he could not recover from it.

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    Pit stop had nothing to do with it.

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