How do i remove a ridge, left by a dent in the front of my new era hat?

Basically, i picked up my hat the other day, brand ******* new, and someone had dented the front sort of padded part, right near the logo. I removed the dent, but its left a ridge in my hat. Its pretty much like a scar. How can i get rid of it?

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    To repair a dented hat, first of all boil a kettle over a gas or electric ring, do not use an electric kettle as you will need a constant supply of steam and ensure the kettle does not boil dry. When the kettle is steaming freely, turn down the heat just enough to keep steam coming out of the spout with a little force. Position the affected area over the jet of steam and allow it to penetrate the straw or felt, keep moving the hat around in order that the heat and steam spreads evenly in and around the material. Remove the hat from the steam after about 20-30 seconds and quickly push out the dent or rework the shape with the fingers, blow on the repaired patch to cool it and the material will stiffen. Do not overdo the steaming as you can distort the hat, especially if you are working on a sharp edge or fine detail, try not to "overwork" any area and work in small stages. It is also possible to stiffen your hat by steaming the felt or straw thoroughly and allowing the hat to cool, this is due to the nature of the stiffening agent used in hat making, the stiffener will soften when hot but re-bonds and hardens when cooled.

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