Is the United States Fallen Heroes Foundation a legal 501(c)3 nonprofit?


As a concerned citizen I was wondering if anyone had any current information on the United States Fallen Heroes Foundation. Their Facebook page claims: "It's official!! The USFHF now has a 501c3 has been received by the IRS and we will now move forward with fund raising efforts and proceed with our mission to honor our fallen heroes. Join Us!!"

There was also some activity taking place on their facebook page last week when people were raising questions about their legitimacy, yet that has been removed from public view.

Their actions seem to be deceptive and I really wish someone would revisit this issue and provide the public with some answers. They have announced 5 finalist to a design competition but failed to ever release profiles of those judging the entries as their facebook page still indicates they intend to do ASAP about two months ago. (found under the discussions tab) How many people entered this contest? How many submitted designs? Who were the people that voted to get to 5 finalists?

Their website is down, yet the donation page is still reachable via google and other search engines. It has been the same as you are able to view it since this investigation first started, and I don't understand how posting instructions to send contributions to their bank is not considered solicitation of funds when the Attorney General has a strict temporary injunction preventing such actions.

So my questions are:

Is this foundation currently legal?

What was the outcome of the legal action taken against this entity?

Will this memorial be built at the original site announced, and if not why continue with a design competition for a location that is incorrect?

Can this entity legally collect or solicit funds?

Who are the current board members? All we know is Larry Summers and Jo Ann Palmore from the facebook page and included in the deleted posts last week, a person by the name of Tonya Mundy who was introduced and welcomed by the USFHF on their facebook page as a volunteer, yet she posted her name and listed herself as the Executive Director 6 days later.

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