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At what point is separation of church and state going too far?

I was just informed that my preschooler at his "public school" isn't taught the pledge of allegiance. However, in his bible study class not only is he taught it, but they recite it at the start of every class.

Say what you will about the separation of church and state, but really?

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    it is constantly taken away because of some people that might be offended. atheist constantly bash Christians as they claim that "they try to enforce their religious views on everyone that is not religious" 2 problems with that though, 1 it's not so much the religious views as the common morals that Christians defend and 2 it would be atheists trying to enforce their views on Christians and not the other way around. the reason i say this is because Christain views were already established by slowly and surely getting stripped away by people that know so much more than us got too far when this happened:

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    Separation of Church and state is not found anywhere in the Constitution. Some people like to point to the First Amendment refers to such a phrase, they are completely wrong. The Constitution only states that the government will not a law respecting the establishment of a religion. In other words, the US is not allowed to have an official church that all must adhere too. It allows anyone to practice (or not practice) a faith of their own choosing.

    The "separation of church and state" actually came from a court ruling by the Supreme Court in 1947. When Justice Hugo Black made a statement in regards to HIS OWN interpretation of the Constitution and it seems to have stuck some how.

    Source(s): US Constitution Amendment I
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    I think that there needs to be a very strict distinction of religion and state, which there isn't in the west since the religions have all the power, and use it to take away all the freedoms of everyone, starting with freedom of speech going all the way to ending freedom of thought by effectively turning everyone into a mindless cultist slave. NWO.

    Let me make an adjustment to this answer, separation of religion and government not only does not exist in the west, but also not anywhere else in the world. Basically what I am saying is that organized religion and government has no separation anywhere on Earth.

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    Separation of church and state does not exist. Even the phrase is crap.

    We left England (one of the reasons) because we did not want to be told that not only did we have to go to church but which church we had to go to. They demanded every citizen be a member of the Church of England. That's all.

    We left there to practice religion as we see fit. That it cannot be IN ANY WAY mandated by the government.

    Source(s): History
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    When the State is thought of as moral authority, not religion.

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    in some churches, the "pledge of alliegence" is tantamount to worshipping an idol. in such instances, it's the church that has problems with it.

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