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how do i tease my hair? ik its a stupid question, but i just never learned the right way to.PLZ HELP?

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    You use a thin toothed comb and grab little sections or strands of hair and basically comb it the opposite way you normally would, towards your scalp. But, instead of combing the top of your hair comb from underneath. It helps if you use hairspray, too.

    Don't just grab a handful of hair and do it though, it helps if you tease the top layers of hair, and then the layers under that and so on. I used a brush to tease mine though because I have really long and kind of thick hair, haha.

    Good luck, and if I'm no help YOUTUBE. :D

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    It helps if you have a teasing comb.A comb with alternating short and long teeth.You can also use a a regular comb but you get a better tease with the right comb.Take a inch wide section of hair and hold it straight up holding it by the ends.Take the comb and comb downwards and keep repeating till you have the amount of hair you want teased.Then style.My sister was a teen in the sixties.So I watched her do it many times.

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    Basically you need a fine-tooth comb and you grab a section of hair and comb your hair towards your scalp. You want to do this on the side that faces your head so that the outside looks smooth but you still get the volume. :)

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    you can use a brush. or a comb, doesnt matter, just take the stuff at the crown of your head underneath it, brush backwards

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  • go to youtube. Simple as that.

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