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What is the name of this movie?

I started watching this movie a long time ago and I never got to finish it and I would like to find it again, so here is what I remember about it:

A teenage girl witnesses a death by some High School boys, they recorded the murder and watched the tape and then they saw the teenage girl hiding in the bushes watching, so they threatened her and told her if she told anybody they would kill her too, and I don't remember the rest.

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    Tell Me No Lies (2007 TV movie) -- Starring Kelly Rutherford, Kirsten Prout, Eric Keenleyside, and Jesse Moss

    IMDb synopsis:

    In a small town, Jordan, the son of Police Chief Bates, and his friends, Glenn and Derrek, the son of garage-owner Gordon Russell, enjoy having their way with local girls such as Tori, recording their exploits on video. When Alex Mills is about to report them to the police, he is pushed into a fall to his death, but they stage it as an accident. Samantha "Sam" Cooper witnesses this and is threatened in order to keep her silent. Next, her mother's car is sabotaged, and finally drugs are left in her locker so that an anonymous tip to the police gets her arrested. When Derrek turns his back on his friends and promises Sam's mother, Laura, to testify, he has an "accident" but manages to survive. Laura and Tori's mother, Shawna, urge Officer Brady Thomas to investigate, and the chief starts to suspect that his son is going bad again. But, where does his loyalty lie?


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