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Old Navy employee discount?

I work at Old Navy and my employee discount applies to Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. Can I use my discount to buy a gift card at Banana Republic?

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    You should be able to. I had a friend that worked at Gap and she bought me gift cards :)

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    Old Navy Gift Card Discount

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    when I had worked at ON it was alright to buy things for your friends and family, but you needed to be the one there paying for everything. (didn't matter whose money/ credit card it was) I use to go shopping with my mom all the time. The point of having a discount is to use it to spend your paychecks at the store basically, its an incentive of sorts. I would also still check with your manager on what is appropriate and what is not-- it doesn't hurt to ask and make sure you have all the facts so you can avoid abusing this privilege.

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    This seems like an appropriate question for your supervisor or the company's human resources division. They will be able to tell you what company policy is for this type of purchase.

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    Lots of great answers already for this

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    Yes, it could be right

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