Getting to Birmingham New Street station after a show at Birmingham Symphony Hall?

going to a show at Birmingham Symphony Hall in a few weeks and wondering if it's possible to walk to the train station after the show as it would save money rather than getting a taxi. bearing in mind it will be about 10:30pm and pitch black, do you think it would be ok for two 16 year olds? or shall i get a taxi and how much would it cost? thankyou!

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  • jdan9
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    10 years ago
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    Yes, go ahead and walk, it's perfectly safe, there will be plenty of people about - I'd never even *dream* of taking a taxi across the city centre, total waste of money!

    Oh and please totally ignore the guy going on about a tram. Never heard such nonsense in my life - there *is* no tram through the city centre, the Metro terminates at Snow Hill, which is nowhere near the Symphony Hall or New Street.

  • 10 years ago won't be 'pitch black'!! Birmingham is very well lit,and you will find that there are plenty of people about at that time of night. It wouldn't take long to walk to the station, but if it feels safer, then there is a taxi rank just around the corner from Symphony Hall....though it could cost you between £5.00-8.00 for the short journey ( there is already a charge of nearly £3.00 as soon as you get i the taxi) but it would be worth it for your own peace of mind as you're both quite young. Have a good night!! We went there a week or so ago and had a great night out!

  • 10 years ago

    Sorry but there is no tram station at Symphony Hall. The Snow Hill tram station is actually further from Symphony Hall than New Street Station and the trams don't go to New Street Station anyway.

    Walking is easy and will take 10 to 15 mins. Head out of Symphony Hall on to Broad Street. Go Left towards the Libray and Copthorne Hotel. There are walkways that take you through the Copthorne roundabout and down to Chamberlain Square / Victoria Square. From Victoria Square walk down New Street (downhill) access to the railway station is up a ramp at the bottom on New Street. It is all well signed so you are unlikely to get lost.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Birmingham international Railway Station is stable next to the airport, and appropriate to the airport terminal by an larger tramway concern that shuttles back and forth and is unfastened. From the station, trains (which regrettably are actually not unfastened!) run approximately 8 circumstances in step with hour to New highway, journey time approximately 10 to fifteen minutes. it is likewise nicely worth noting that Birmingham international station is a significant intercity rail station in its very own suited, so based the place you're heading you may nicely be waiting to get a right away prepare from there and go away out New highway altogether.

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  • 10 years ago

    Why not get the tram from Snow Hill to New Street. The tram station seems to be right outside Symphony Hall and would be cheaper than a taxi and safer than walking through city streets at night for two 16 year olds. Map at showing the tram line, the Hall and New Street Station.

  • SS4
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    10 years ago

    Broad Street is one of the safer streets in town, there are a lot of people around and there is a visible police presence because of all the clubbers in town

  • 10 years ago

    i wouldn't the route you would have to walk is not that safe - the best option is a taxi - try a local firm instead of a black cab - it will be cheaper

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