need help on my pokemon team?

Well, this is my team from before which I've decided to use again.

no legendaries no double team, minimize, or ohko moves.

I mostly need moves changed, but you can also change one or two pokemon.


machamp with leftovers

adamant 252 attack 252 hp 4 def (no guard)

dynamic punch

stone edge



flygon with choice band

jolly 252 attack 252 speed 6 hp


fire punch

dragon claw

u turn

scizor with choice band

adamant 252 attack 252 hp 6 def (technician)

bullet punch

u turn



metagross with leftovers

jolly 252 attack ??? speed rest in hp

meteor mash

bullet punch


ice punch

starmie with life orb

modest 252 special attack 252 speed 6 hp (natural cure)


ice beam



swampert with leftovers

relaxed 252 def 252 hp 4 attack

ice beam



stealth rock

thanks :)


I already have 2 steel type moves

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  • Kirby
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Changes I suggest:

    Flygon: switch fire punch otu for flamethrower. Yes I know you lose the attack boost BUT you do realize a majority of the steel types in OU are much weaker to special attacks then physical. So even an un boosted flamethrower is better then a boosted fire punch against a defensive metagross or forretress.

    Starmie: You will rarely if ever you psychic since the only poison type in OU is tentacruel. And how often do you see that? And it even has a good sp def to defend against that psychic. I suggest you go with a hidden power if you can (and its not a horrible type/weak power) or rapid spin to get rid of enemy rocks.

  • 1 decade ago

    change the earthquake on metagross to a steel type move

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