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I have insulation coming out of my air vents?

In my bathroom and bedroom air vents there is pink fluff coming out of them. Could this be insulation? Is this bad to breath in? I have young children and don't want us getting cancer or something over it. The air ducts run under the house and the vent is on the floor.


Thank you I feel better now, Im trying to get someone out to check it out but for now I was worried ... i thought I heard something chewing in the middle of the night a while back but have not heard anything. So that's what i was thinking too a mouse chewing on it... great thanks little guys lol ..

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    It is fiberglass insullation. Short of eating it you will not have any problem except for itching if there is a LOT of it and it is blown around. The pointed ends of the fiberglass make you itch.

    The reason WHY it is there should be investigated. It may simply be the edge pinched under the vent grate, or it could be that you have a large hole in the ductwork somewhere which is allowing the fiberglass to get sucked in,.

    You may also have a few mice or rodents which have chewed their way into the duct work and used it to build a nice and comfy nest.

    If the system is new.. have the contractor return and check it. If it is old, it may be time to have the duct work cleaned anyway.. (generally under $100 for most houses plus they also check and tune up your system).


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    For you to have problems from fiberglass insulation, it needs very fine particles to get into your lungs. It is doubtful you'll have issues from what you describe. It also doesn't sound like fiberglass insulation as it probably wouldn't be as you've seen. It could be a cellulose material, which will cause no problems (outside of the obvious dust issues)

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    Insulation In Air Vents

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