how many types of map do we have?

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    Not counting charts, we have five distinct kinds:

    There are basically 5 types of maps. They are climate maps, economic or resource maps, environmental maps, political maps, topographic maps.

    Climate maps give information about climatic and precipitation conditions prevalent in a region. They can give us mean temperatures, baromtric pressure readings, or rain/snow volume.

    Economic and resource maps feature the type of natural resources or economic activities known in that area. They are generally tied into each other for data.

    Physical maps show the physical features of an area, such as mountains and rivers. They usually use colors such as blue, green and orange. Green is usually used for low-lying areas and orange is used for higher altitudes.

    Political maps indicate state and national boundaries.

    Road maps show the major highways, railway tracks, airports and places of interest within a country, county, state, province or city.

    Topographic maps are maps which use contour lines to highlight the shape and elevation of an area. Closer contours mean a steeper terrain. Lines that are farther apart from each other indicate a flatter terrain.

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    Types Of Maps

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    5 types of maps

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    there are 18 type of maps

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    There are two types of maps are there. They are .

    Political maps

    Physical maps

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    Lots and lots. Without some context, I can't imagine this question has a specific answer.

    Even if you're only talking about geographic maps there are dozens of different projects that could be used.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Topographic Map. (showing contour lines to show high and low lands)

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