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what do you think of these names?

just wondering what you think?


Brielle Hollis

Brynn Noelle

Ashlynn Ryanne

Harper Hadley


Braxton Cole

Barrett Matthew

Elijah Jack

Logan Parker

rate them?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Brielle Hollis: 3/10. I prefer seems more complete and elegant than Brielle. Hollis is OK as a middle, especially if it's a family surname, but if it's not I'd prefer Holly.

    Brynn Noelle: 6/10. Both names are very nice, but they flow awkwardly...the N's run together when you say it, like Brynnoelle. Noelle Brynn would flow better. Or what about Brynn Estelle, Brynn Elise, or Brynn Lorraine?

    Ashlynn Ryanne: 3/10. This sounds fairly trailer to me, unfortunately.

    Harper Hadley: 2/10. Both names are unattractive and unfeminine IMO, especially Hadley. They also sound sort of silly together.

    Braxton Cole: 3/10. Braxton reminds me of Braxton-Hicks contractions, and just sounds little-boyish and bratty. Cole would be OK with a better first name. What about Brendan Cole, Benjamin Cole, or Bradley Cole?

    Barrett Matthew: 4/10. Could be worse, but sounds like a phone-book listing for a Matthew Barrett. Barrett also makes me think of barrettes and's not a very strong or masculine first name IMO. What about Brett Matthew, or Byron Matthew?

    Elijah Jack: 7/10. I love Elijah! I like Jack as a nickname for John, but using it as an official name is too recent a trend for my personal taste. Also, since the last syllable of Elijah starts with a J sound, I'd pick a middle name that starts with a non-J sound.

    Logan Parker: 7/10. I really like's very strong, handsome, and manly. I'm not such a fan of always sounds nerdy and unattractive to me...but it's better as a middle name than a first.

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  • T ♥
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    10 years ago

    10/10: Elijah Jack, Logan Parker, Ashlynn Ryanne

    05/10: Brielle Hollis, Brynn Noelle

    01/10: Harper Hadley, Braxton Cole, Barrett Matthew

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  • 10 years ago

    Brielle Hollis-7.5

    Bryn Noelle-7.5

    Ashlynn Ryanne-5

    Harper Hadley-6

    Braxton Cole-9.5

    Barrett Matthew-6

    Elijah Jack-9.5

    Logan Parker 10

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  • 10 years ago


    Brielle Hollis (10) - This is actually a very nice name :)

    Brynn Noelle (7) - I like Noelle, the word Brynn is hard to say for some reason

    Ashlynn Ryanne (3) - I can't say anything positive about this name

    Harper Hadley (1) - Again, I can't say anything positive about this name. Sounds male, kinda.


    Braxton Cole (3) - I envision a character from some online game

    Barrett Matthew (8) - If you go with a softer name, this would be it. Not bad :)

    Elijah Jack (5) - Sounds like a comic book name..but has an interesting sound to it.

    Logan Parker (8) - 'Good Afternoon, I am Logan Parker...... your chief executor' (nice strong name)

    Thought: How'd I get into Baby names Catagorie? :O

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  • 10 years ago

    Brielle Hollis 0

    Brynn Noelle 7

    Ashlynn Ryanne 8

    Harper Hadley 3

    i like Ashlynn Harper (:

    Braxton Cole 9

    Barrett Matthew 5

    Elijah Jack 4

    Logan Parker 9

    Source(s): mama to Hayden James, Sylas Ray, and 5 weeks pregnant with baby 3 (:
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  • 10 years ago

    Out of 10


    Brielle Hollis - 5 (too many l's)

    Brynn Noelle - 8.5 I like this :D

    Ashlynn Ryanne 8.5 I like this too

    Harper Hadley - Too many H's .. 4


    Braxton Cole - 9 - REALLY like this

    Barrett Matthew - 5 an unusual name with a really common name... idk

    Elijah Jack - 7.5 this name is really cute

    Logan Parker - 7 this is cute too

    Source(s): MY brain - hope I helped!!!
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  • 10 years ago


    Brielle Hollis - 7- I like Brielle but not Hollis

    Brynn Noelle - 6- Ok, but Brynn is not a real name in my books

    Ashlynn Ryanne - 5- Don't like the flow of this one

    Harper Hadley - 6- I like these names individually but together, too many H's


    Braxton Cole - 4 - Braxton reminds me of Toni Braxton, don't like Cole

    Barrett Matthew - 4- don't like either name and they don't flow together

    Elijah Jack - 7- Very nice

    Logan Parker - 8 - Love it!

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  • Moi
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Girl: Noelle and Hadley are nice. Ashlynn is the worst by far.

    Boy: Logan, Jack, and Cole are nice. Elijah is pretty terrible.

    Source(s): You're trying to be a bit too fancy with the misspelling and all the Xs, Ys, and double letters and are crossing the border into "just silly"
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  • 10 years ago

    I like these:

    Ashlynn Ryanne

    Elijah Jack

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  • 10 years ago

    To be honest, to me they sound like porn star names. Logan Parker is good, though

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