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Pick your favorite names for these initials?

Okay... pick your favorite names using these initials (one boy & one girl) first and middle













Mine would be:

K.J.- Kyle James and Kylie Jordan

B.C.- Brayden Connor and Bailey Claire

M.G.- Michael Gabe and Macey Grace

S.F.- Scott Felix and Sara Faith

E.M.- Eli Mason and Emma Mae

N.L.- Nathanial Levi and Nevaeh Leah

Z.Y.- Zachary Yale and Zoe Yaline(Yay-leene)

J.N.- Jared Nathanial and Jamie Naomi

P.A.-Paul Alexander and Paige Alaina

F.C.- Felix Caleb and Faith Claire

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    K.J...Kenneth James & Kathrine Jean...

    B.C...Bryan Cole & Brittany Colleen...

    M.G...Michael Gregory & Michelle Grace...

    S.F...Stephen Franklin & Stephanie Faith...

    E.M...Emilio Marcus & Elizabeth Marie...

    N.L...Nathan Lawrence & Natalia Lynne...

    Z.Y...Zachary Yancey & Zoe Yvette...

    J.N...Jonathon nolan & Janette Noelle...

    P.A...Preston Alexander & Patricia Avery...

    F.C...Franklin Cole & Fiona Claire...

  • Mara
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    Kiernan James, Keira Josephine

    Bennett Charles, Bridget Christine

    Mason Geoffrey, Maggie Grace

    Shane Finnegan, Scarlett Faye

    Elliot Maxwell, Eva Madeleine

    Noah Lucas, Nora Lillian

    Zavier Yale, Zara Ysabel

    Jeffrey Nathaniel, June Naomi

    Patrick Anthony, Pearl Adeline

    Frederick Collin, Francesca Celine

  • Kieran James - Kate Josephine

    Bronson Cole - Brooke Caterina

    Mitchell Gage - Matilda Gabrielle

    Sebastian Felix - Savannah Flora

    Elliot Marcus - Elizabeth Mia

    Nathaniel Leif - Noelle Lorelai

    Zander Yale - Zanthe Yvette

    Jasper Nicholas - Juliet Norah

    Patrick Alexander - Persephone Alice

    Franklin Charles - Francesca Charlotte

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    I will list them all girl then boy!

    K.J.: Karolina June and Kellen Jack

    B.C.: Beatrice Cora and Buck Cinna

    M.G.: Margaret Gwen and Merritt Graham

    S.F.: Susannah Fern and Sterling Felix

    E.M.: Elnora Melrose and Ellis Mack

    N.L.: Nora Luella and Nolan Lucas

    Z.Y.: Zara Young and Zebulon Yorke

    J.N.: Jade Noelle and Jeremiah Niles

    P.A.: Paulina Amelia and Palmer Alcott

    F.C.: Felicity Carolyn and Fletcher Cinna

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    9 years ago

    Kendall Jane and Kevin James

    Brenna Claire and Blake Christopher

    Maria Grace and Mitchel Grayson

    Sophie Francesca and Scott Francis

    Eva Marie and Eli Mitchell

    Nora Leeann and Nolan Liam

    Zoe Yvonne and Zachary Yves

    Jalynn Noelle and Jonah Nicholas

    Payton Ann and Parker Alan

    Francesca Claire and Fredrick Clark

  • 3 years ago

    Arleigh Kate Alizabeth / Andrew Kamden Alexander Savannah Allison Mackenzie / Steven Anthony Michael Lauren Grace Natalie / Logan Gabriel Nicholas Taryn Michelle Cassie / Tyler Matthew Cory Karsyn Danielle Saydee / Kameron Dominic Samuel Paisley Rose Jordyn / Patrick Richard Jacob Rhyann Elizabeth Dakotah / Robbie Elliot David

  • 9 years ago

    Kimberly Jordan & Kristofer James

    Brooke Cate & Benjamin Christopher

    Marley Gabriela & Michael Gavin

    Savannah Faith & Sean Fredrick

    Evangeline Mary & Evan Mason

    Noel Lynn & Nicholas Landon

    Zoe Yolanda & Zachary York

    Jordan Noel & James Nicholas

    Pamela Audrey & Paul Andrew

    Faith Cayley & Fredrick Cale

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Kinsley Jane and Kai Joseph

    Benjamin Chase and Brooke Charlotte

    Matteo Grant and Molly Grace

    Scott Francis andd Savannah Faye

    Eli Michael and Emma Marie

    Nolan Lucas and Natalie Lynn

    Zachary Yosef and Zola Yeardley

    Jeremy Nathan and Jenna Noelle

    Preston Anthony and Paige Alexis

    Finnlay Carson and Faith Cassidy

  • Kaydee
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    9 years ago

    Kevin Joseph and Kerri Jennifer

    Brendan Charles and Bridget Claire

    Matthew "Matt" Grant and Maggie Grace

    Shaun Finley and Sophia Faith

    Eli Michael and Emily Marie

    Nathan Lucas and Nora Lauren

    Zachary "Zack" Yale and Zoe Yeardley

    Jack Nathaniel and Jenna Nicole

    Peter Andrew and Paige Ann

    Frederick "Freddie" Christopher and Fiona Christine

  • 9 years ago

    K.J. Karly Jessica and Kollin Jacob

    B.C. Brielle Cassidy and Bryan Caleb

    M.G.Michaela Grace and Matthew Gabriel

    S.F. Summer Faith and Sebastian Frank

    E.M. Emma Molly and Ethan Mason

    N.L. Nicole Leah and Nicholas Luke

    Z.Y. Zoey Y? and Zachary Y?

    J.N. Julia Noelle and Jeremy Nathaniel

    P.A. Peyton Arianna and Paul Andrew

    F.C. Faith Caroline and Frank Carson

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Kenneth Jude and Katherine Julia

    Byron Conrad and Bryony Charlotte

    Malcolm Gareth and Matilda Genevieve

    Sebastian Francis and Sylvia Faustine

    Ethan Michael and Emmaline Morgan

    Nicholas Liam and Nora Lillian

    Zuriel Yves and Zoheret Yvonne (they're French-Israeli...this was a tough one!)

    Julia Noelle and Jasper Niall

    Peter Andrew and Persephone Alice

    Frederick Charles and Felicity Claire

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