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If Orlando traded D.Howard & V.Carter to Miami for L.James & C.Bosh, which team would be better?


C- M.Gortat

PF- C.Bosh

SF- L.James

SG- Q.Richardson

PG- J.Nelson

6th- R.Lewis


C- D.Howard

PF- U.Haslem

SF- V.Carter

SG- D.Wade

PG- C.Arroyo

6th- M.Miller

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    They'd have Dwight Howard who (by himself) makes the front court a dominant force.

    Udonis Haslem is under sized but his tendency to still rebound and hold his own makes him a good player beside Dwight Howard.

    Vince Carter would have to become better at making his own shot but some shots would be created due to double teams on D-Wade. (ick!).

    D-Wade would lose the two "superstars" (really just one) but will love the lanes that the big Dwight Howard will open up for him. This will allow D-Wade to do what he does best, cut to the rim.

    Carlos Arroyo is the team's weak point.

    M-Miller - Good jumpshot and some offensive firepower off the bench.


    M-Gortat is underrated in my opinion. I think he'd play meaningful minutes as a starter.

    Chris Bosh, he'd provide some offensive power but he'll need to step up his post game, defense and rebounds to help this team.

    Lebron James capable of doing anything and taking over a game at any given point. Can handle the ball as well.

    Quentin Richardson, I don't like Q-Rich but he is able to create his own shot which is valuable to this team's offense.

    Jameer Nelson, always thought he was more of a scorer and with Lebron James sometimes helping with ball handling he'll be able to play more efficiently. He'll miss those lobs in the air that Dwight Howard caught and threw down constantly though.

    Rashard Lewis, great 3-point shooter and can rebound. Overpaid.

    And the winner is: Orlando Magic, citing huge weaknesses at Miami's point guard position.

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    The team with the best center in the NBA is going to be better, no doubt. Plus, with the Heat you now have unconflicting personalities. You have Wade the slasher and scorer, Carter who's the guy they kick it out to for the open three, and Howard rebounding the ball.

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    They both play to their strengths. Orlando with offense. Boston with protection (held opp. less than one hundred each victory). Boston has performed 3 playoff communities and Orlando has performed 2. yet even antagonistic to a crew like Charlotte who Boston strangled for 59pts, they don't coast. i like communities that play protection and do not forget that even as against a moderate opponent like the Bobcats, they don't slack off. Orlando helps way too many factors. i imagine they enable communities more advantageous opportunities to win than Boston does with their protection. i will claim that KG looks stiff nevertheless... How couldn't he from his surgical treatment. yet Orlando is chock finished of perimeter shooters and shooters can in uncomplicated terms take you so a approaches. fairly at the same time as killing the exterior shot is Boston area of expertise. really in the adventure that they could contain the exterior and the interior (Perk, KG, Wallace all provide Howard complications)... at the same time as scoring away at Orlando's weaker protection... So i imagine in a adventure up Boston is the more advantageous effective crew nevertheless. BQ: inspired with Melo'. not a lot Roy. Brandon's large video games are also jumbled in with some clunkers. yet Melo has been taking area in unbelievably nicely.

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    Miami , they would an inside presence and outside shooter to truly add to a miami dynasty

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    def Miami, Howard and Carter are actually team players, tht team would be beast

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    Heat...Dwight-Wade is unstoppable

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