Ohio University Music Program?

What's the music program at Ohio University like? My voice teacher told me it wouldn't be an ideal place to major in when I could go somewhere like CIM, CCM, or even Akron, which is where I live. So, what are the creds of the program, how good/well known is it, etc? Thank you so much :)

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    I had not heard anything regarding Ohio University - not to say it's not a reputable music school, but I had never met someone who went there or heard about it's program. Ohio State (OSU) has a good program, and I heard good things about Miami University (in Oxford, OH). Obviously CIM, CCM, and Oberlin (you forgot Oberlin!!) are the most reputable schools in Ohio. The beauty about schools, like Akron, which are near major cities is that you can possibly get a very good teacher - often times they share teachers with nearby conservatories, and I thought some teacher from Akron also taught at CIM, but I do not think Akron and CIM share the same voice faculty from glancing at the website - perhaps other nearby colleges will share faculty from CIM or CCM. Not sure if you want to look into Kent, but I heard about them and I remember having a masterclass with one of their faculty members, although I do not remember if the teacher was great or not (...so I guess he wasn't that great if I cannot remember!) - I also heard their woodwind quintet and was not impressed (although this was YEARS ago, so things could change) - I do not know too much about the voice program.

    So I think you should look into Ohio State rather then Ohio University. It's not well known. My best advice is to really look into the faculty - even if a school/program is not well known, they could have a few EXCELLENT faculty members who can make the difference. I'm not sure if you are going to school for education or performance, but in the performance world, the name of your teacher can be just as important as the name of a school...so definitely find a voice teacher that you'd love to learn from.

    It's also not a bad idea to audition at several schools, so even if Ohio University (or whatever school) does not strike your fancy, but you met the faculty and love them, then audition for them as a back-up just in case you do not get into the great music institutes.

    Hope that helps - I hadn't heard much about that school...from Ohio, I just heard good things about CIM, CCM, Oberlin Conservatory and Ohio State. Kent and Miami Univ. are worth looking into as well.

    Good luck!!

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    I've met a music major here...I've also heard her sing...all I will say is "meh." You interpret that. I don't think we're really known for music to be honest...outside of school I haven't even seen a lot of mention of open mic nights...visit us and see what you think. That's all I can offer you.

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