Famous actors from Marseille France, and Singers female and male models?

names please from that region?

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    Marseille was the birthplace of:

    Ariane Ascaride (born 1954), actress

    Maurice Béjart (1927–2007), ballet choreographer

    Jean-Henry Gourgaud, aka. "Dugazon" (1746–1809), actor

    Marius Petipa (1818–1910), ballet choreographer

    Victor Maurel (1848–1923), French operatic baritone

    Joseph Pujol, aka. "Le Pétomane" (1857–1945), entertainer

    Vincent Scotto (1876–1952), guitarist, songwriter

    Fernandel (1903–1971), actor

    Louis Jourdan (born 1919), actor

    Régine Crespin (1927–2007), opera singer

    André di Fusco (1932–2001), known as André Pascal, song writer, composer

    Patrick Fiori (born 1969), singer

    Marc Panther (born 1970), member of the popular Japanese rock band globe

    Marseille is also well known in France for its hip hop music. Bands like IAM originated from Marseille and initiated the rap phenomenon in France. Other known groups include Fonky Family, 3ème Oeil, and Psy4 de la rime.

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