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Has Lady Gaga run Madonna over ?

Since 2 years, what's about Madonna ? Is she out ? My english really isn't good, I hope you will understand. Thanks.

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    well Madonna is like in her 50s now I believe so no one wants to see her flashing her crotch in her videos anymore. but at this point I would say no Goga is still fairly new and I will admit has gained quite high success in the pop mainstream but shes still not even close to achieving and accomplishing what Madonna has. In my opinion she is still the queen of pop even far more than Britney Spears who is getting to damn old to do her style of pop. shes also bi-polar and has a lot of personal problems. Madonna is a Legend in the female pop culture Goga is not at this point. for all we know she could just be a temporary trend and a passing phase we will have to wait and see. but with the way she going with all her retarded fashion statements and obsessive attention whore status this usually fades out pretty quite. not saying Madonna didn't do it back in the early 90s with all her orgie discussions on film and stuff but Madonna still made Fashion statements in a lot more taste than lady goga or whatever the fu*k her name is.

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    Lady Gaga is getting bigger bigger everyday and gradually push Madonna out of the spot light. It took her only two years. amazing isn't it?

    I recently watched Lady Gaga chronicle on a music channel. In the end, commentators conclude that Gaga and Madonna are different and they both are great at what they do, but they said Gaga is more of all-round grassroot musician. This Gaga-Madonna comparison saying Gaga is better is the first time I saw on TV. I guess people will witness a lot more about it in the future.

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    Well... Let's see. Since, then:

    - The unprecedented US $120 million contract with Live Nation to create more music, for more than a decade.

    - The highest grossing tour ever in history by a solo artist, called 'The Sticky & Sweet World Tour'.

    - The Greatest Hits album called 'Celebration'.

    - The released of the collection campaign with Louis Vuitton.

    - The released of two Italian Campaigns with Dolce & Gabbana.

    - The creation of the clothing line called 'Material Girl'

    - The laked unreleased songs, so far:

    ۩ Little Girl [Unreleased Song From The Album 'Music' 2000]

    ۩ Set The Right [Demo 2002]

    ۩ It’s So Cool [Demo 2002]

    ۩ Miss You [Demo 2002]

    ۩ I'm In Love With Love [Unreleased Song From The Album 'American Life' 2003]

    ۩ If You Go Away [Demo/Cover 2005]

    ۩ Infinity [Early Demo Of The Song 'Give It 2 Me' 2008]

    ۩ Across The Sky (Featuring Justin Timberlake) [Unreleased Song From The Album 'Hard Candy' 2008]

    ۩ Animal [Demo 2008]

    ۩ Latte [Demo 2008]

    ۩ It’s So Cool [Unreleased Mirwais Remix 2009]

    ۩ Broken [Unreleased Bonus Track From The Album 'Celebration' 2009]

    - The upcoming movie called 'W.E.', which it will basically deal with The British Royalty.

    - The worldwide Gym Empire called ‘Hard Candy Fitness’.

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    Not yet but I believe she IS the true heir to the throne.MTV tried to set that ridiculous thing up a few years ago where madonna was supossedly passing the crown to brittny and Christina,cough cough Bullsh*t cough.They were just copycats Gaga is a tru original just like Madonna back in the day

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    Maddy will always have a 30 year lead on Gaga.

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    Not even close. Ask this question again in 20 years and we'll see then.

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