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Will the right person eventually come?

I'm 24 and I'm in no rush to get married at all; however, I feel as if I'm too old for games. I'm getting older and I don't like wasting my time on little things that are temporary, far and gone. I look at all the guys i've dealt w. the past years and it's horrible. I've grown fr them and w. that, I don't ever wanna put myself through those kind of guys and situations bc i resepct/love myself so much more. My ex bf was too insecure/immature. We were the same age but his mentality was one of an 18 y/o. Nice guy, he LOVED the idea of having an independent/fun/loyal girl but couldn't handle it and grew insecure...i didn't feel supported and he just got insecure in all areas. It makes sense why he's dating someone now straight out of high school. I also was seeing a guy at work but he ended up being manipulative/playing games and I feel that I've grown so much, i don't want someone issues/insecurities gettin me messed up when it has nothing to do w. me.

Dating was fun for a bit but I feel like it's a string of the same thing over and over again. A guy is interested, he gives you all the attention but after the first date, that's the last time you'll ever them again. A older co-worker told me (he's like a dad to all of us) that a mature lady - no matter how much she waits for the right one while doin her thing or says she doesn't want a boyfriend, she will always be sincere to whoever is interested in her. These kind of women will always be more sincere than the guy; therefore, she needs to stay away and not waste time over a guy's lonliness and need for attention bc the more her sincereity will be stripped of her...and I think was meant that in my situation. It's tiring. My best friend (who has been dating her bf of 5 yrs) - both of them try to live their "missed single life" through me. He even suggested that when we're at a club, I just dance w. these guys who are interested me (bc apparently everytime we go out, guys are givin me the eye). Thing is, i'm the type of girl who gets uncomfortable getting hit on; all girls like that kind of attention, except me. Also, I'm always cautious about guys at clubs bc they're always horny and most of the time, i'm not attracted to them and just not feelin it. Also, if I do dance w them, I feel like they feel it's an automatic confirmation we'll exchange numbers and I don't wanna even go through that. My friend's bf said to give them the wrong one but sorry, I'm just not like that. If i'm not into the idea at all, why bother, right? The guys I attract are either creepers, youngings (who think they know but don't), and shy guys w. no backbone at all. It's tiring and it shouldn't define who I am but definitely frustrating. A guy friend also adviced me that i'm a "very attractive woman and nice" (which he said is rare) so he said I should be careful bc the more "weird guys" would hit on me and guys would do anything/say anything to get w. me....he may be right. Anyhoo, I've just been away fr. guys and focusing on me - my job, myself (working out), my family, my hobbies, just being busy, and doing things that make me happy...and of course keep praying to keep myself sane. I'm at this point now where I'm not super optimistic but I'm not negative about it either. It'll eventually happen but it's impossible for me to even imagine of a good, decent man.

Are there good guys there and does the right person even exist?


I just want a man with integrity...not little boys that think you're "hot/pretty" who are selfish and try to be gentleman

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    Are you "praying" in the right places? Have you tried any social groups at any churches?

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