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The 2010 WTA Tour Quiz!?

Ok so another season has passed and I decided to make a quiz to see how much everyone remembers from the women's tour in 2010.

Please guys to make it more fun don't cheat and guess if you don't know because after all it is only fun and not serious! Best of luck everyone! And some of the questions may be hard!

1. In Auckland at the start of the year, Yanina Wickmayer won her 3rd career title by beating Flavia Pennetta in the final. But what was the score in the final?

2. Who were Serena Williams's first two opponents at the Australian Open?

3. Two weeks later in Paris Indoors, Francesca Schiavone as the 4th seed played a faultless performance in the first round, beating Vesna Manasieva 6-0, 6-0 (which I saw on television) but who did she surprisingly loose to in the 2nd round?

4. Which young Russian reached the quarter-finals in Dubai, beating Svetlana Kuznetsova en route before loosing a tough three setter against Agnieszka Radwanska?

5. Venus Williams won her 2nd straight title in Acapulco, but who did she beat in the final?

6. True or False - Jelena Jankovic beat Samantha Stosur in the quarter-finals of Indian Wells.

7. Dinara Safina returned to the tour in Stuttgart, and won her first match against what player?

8. Shahar Pe'er continued her excellent year in Madrid by reaching the SF's. She beat two Russians back-to-back in round one and two, who were they?

9. Samantha Stosur beat the likes of Serena Williams, Justine Henin and Jelena Jankovic at the French Open, but she did loose the first set in her 2nd round match. What player was this against?

10. True or false, Kim Clijsters reached the Semi-finals of Eastbourne.

11. At Wimbledon I defeated the 18th seed Aravane Rezai and the 10th seed Flavia Pennetta before I lost to Kaia Kanepi in the fourth round. Who am I and where am I from?

12. What were the first three matches on Centre Court at Wimbledon 2010 on Day 1? You need to mention both players in each match and the winner but not the score.

13. Aravane Rezai won her 2nd title of the year in Stockholm, but how many sets did she loose along the way to winning the title?

14. True or False, Jelena Jankovic only reached one quarter-final after the French Open.

15. Caroline Wozniacki won the title in Montreal. Who were the opponents she faced in the QF's, SF's and finals?

16. How many seeds were defeated in the first round of the US Open and name the players.

17. Who were Kim Clijsters's first three opponents at the US Open?

18. Two French players fought a three set match against each other in the second round of the US Open. Who were the two players and who was victorious?

19. A week after winning her first title, Jarmilia Groth was defeated in the first round in Soul by which player?

20. True or False, Caroline Wozniacki beat Sara Errani in the 2nd round of Beijing.

21. Ana Ivanovic returned to her near best towards the end of 2010 and won her first title in 2 years in Linz. Name the three opponents she faced in the QF's SF's and final.

22. What was the score in the round-robin match at the YEC which featured Jelena Jankovic and Victoria Azarenka and who was the winner?

23. Who finished the year ranked World No. 28?

24. Who are the two highest ranked British players?

25. Nadia Petrova finished the year ranked World No. 15 and with the highest number of aces on the tour. How many aces did she manage to get overall?

Ok guys I know it was very long but it took ages to type and think of the questions! Anyways hope you all enjoy it and best of luck to everyone again! The person who gets the most right will get the best answer and I will post the correct answers at the end.

With regards,


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    1.) Ugh why must you make this so hard? I new she beat Pennetta, but the score...7-6 6-4?

    2.) Mmm impossible! Goerges and Malek

    3.) Oudin got into the semis so I'll say her

    4.) OOO I was pissed it was Regina Kulikova (this may be the only one I get right, unless there are more questions about Kuzy)

    5.) OMG I know this one too! She beat Hercog!

    6.) False? I think she beat Errani?

    7.) It must have been somebody pathetic. I'm going to use Malek again here

    8.) Vesnina and Kuznetsova

    9.) AHH I KNOW THIS! It was De Los Rios because I am OBSESSED with her (ask djokerfan haha)

    10.) False? I doubt she played

    11.) i don't remember

    12.) Federer, Serena and Venus (that's all I got, anyone that gets this right cheated)

    13.) 0

    14.) probably true

    15.) Schiavone, Kuzy, and Zvonareva (US Open Series = my life)

    16.) I dunno :( None?

    17.) I don't recall, but one was defs Sally Peers

    18.) Bartoli and someone, and she lost..ughh Cornet?

    19.) Wozniacki?

    20.) False

    21.) Hantuchova, Schnyder (final) and...?? Malek!

    22.) Azarenka won..6-1 6-3?

    23.) Kuznetsova?

    24.) Elena Baltacha and someone else..Anne Keothovang?

    25.) 94

    Well those needed to be easier, but it was fun

    Edit: Um not. Unless MV is the tennis dictionary, she did not know the answers to all those questions, therefore I still deserve BA

    Edit: However, you didn't follow the directions:


    Please guys to make it more fun don't cheat and guess if you don't know because after all it is only fun and not serious! Best of luck everyone! And some of the questions may be hard!"

    I could have easily wiki'ed all the answers, but I follow directions. I deserve BA ;)

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    01. 6-3, 6-2

    02. Urszula Radwanska & Petra Kvitova

    03. Lucie Safarova

    04. Regina Kulikova

    05. Polona Hercog

    06. False, she beat her in the semis.

    07. Agnes Szavay

    08. Svetlana Kuznetsova & Alisa Kleybanova

    09. Rossana De los Rios

    10. False

    11. Klara Zakopalova from the Czech Republic

    12. Federer vs. Falla-Federer, Jankovic vs. Robson-Jankovic, Djokovic vs. O. Rochus-Djokovic

    13. 1

    14. False

    15. Schaivone, Kuznetsova & Zvonareva

    16. 3, Li, Safarova, Shvedova

    17. Arn, Peers & Kvitova

    18. Bartoli & Razzano-Razzano(only 2 sets)

    19. Petrova

    20. True

    21. Gorges, Vinci & Schnyder

    22. 6-4, 6-1-Azarenka

    23. Martinez Sanchez

    24. Baltacha & Keothavong

    25. 306

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    Kevin this is hard :S lol

    I'll try my best:

    1- no idea, 6-3 6-3?

    2- uhmm.. I cant remember any of serena's opponents at the AO... I think Suarez Navarro was in her draw section, but as a 3rd rounder. So, my answer is, no idea.

    3- Oudin?

    4- I should know this one... but I don't lol. Makarova?

    5- yeah, yeah I think I know this one!! I do!! wasnt it Simona Halep? I remember I was following the match on live score and Venus' opponent had blown a lead in one of the sets. Hope I was right in this one!

    6- True (I'm sure. I watched the match) I'm on a winning streak now on this quiz!

    7- Ok, my winning streak ends here. Petkovic?

    8- difficult question... Dushevina and Safina?

    9- this is an interesting data, I had no idea she had lost a 1st set before her big wins. No idea.

    10- T

    11- Oh yeah, I know this one is Zakopalova, cause I checked again the GS draws from this year the past week

    12- Oh, cmon man this is too difficult. I dont feel like thinking about this question lol... next..

    13- 2 sets?

    14- F (I suppose)

    15- Montreal... I remember she faced Zvonareva in the final, Kuznetsova in the semis (I remember because that match was re-scheduled a lot of times). No idea about QFs though.

    16- oh.... too difficult... dont make me think kevin please

    17- I should remember this one. 1st round was Arn (or something like that), oh yeah, 2nd Peers (I watched that match) and 3rd Kvitova. (wow I have a really good memory wouldnt have thought I remembered so many matches)

    18- I dunno... Razzano and BArtoli? (oh yeah, that hadnt been 3 sets, had it?)

    19- Date Krumm?

    20- T

    21- I remember she beat Schnyder in the final, I dont know anything more

    22- Was it 6-2 6-4 for Azarenka?

    23- Damn it... hmmm... Pennetta?

    24- Baltacha and Robson, no, better Baltacha and Watson

    25- In her whole season? no idea, like 330?

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    1 - 63 64

    2 - Elena Baltacha and Yvonne Meusbuerger

    3 - Elena Baltacha

    4 - Anastasia Pavlyunchenkova

    5 - Carla Suarez Navarro

    6 - True

    7 - Sybille Bammer? IDK but I hope Safina wins a major

    8 - Alisa Kleybanova, Anastasia Pavlyunchenkova

    9 - You spelled "lose" wrong lol. Uhmmm...Alisa Kleybanova

    10 - False

    11 - Good jo, you beat Aravane Rezai and Flavia Pennetta! Haha jk, uhmmm.....OMG I know this one....omg omg omg I remember watching the scoreboard but for some reason I cant remember her name! Grrr OMG it must be a high seed....Marion Bartoli

    12 - Rafael Nadal vs Igor Andreev, Andy Murray vs Jarko Niemanen, Serena Williams vs Carla Suarez Navaro

    13 - 3?

    14 - False

    15 - QFs: Bethanie Mattek-Sands? and....Sam Stosur

    16 - OMG why do you gotta mention this? Seriously. Not cool. Arnaud Clement defeated Marcos Baghdatis (18th seed?) in 5 sets. I hope your happy you made me answer this question -_- Insensitive

    17 - OMG! Uhmmm....Coco Vanderweghe, Kirsten Flipkens, Alisa Kleybanova

    18 - Gael Monfils def Richard Gasquet

    19 - Its "Seoul", uhm...a qualifier lol

    20 - False

    21 - Elena Dementieva, Marion Bartoli, Alisa Kleybanova

    22 - Victoria Azarenka def Jelena Jankovic 4-6 6-4 6-4?

    23 - Alisa Kleybanova

    24 - Elena Baltacha, who's the black British girl again?

    25 - 345

    When in doubt go with Kleybanova

    @Mai - Best Answer should go to the user who answered the question within the guidelines set by the asker. You chose to ignore the guidelines set by Kevin and therefore you do not deserve Best Answer. If you knew every single fact from #1-25 along with the little accents then I will worship you like I worship Christ. But we all know that you used outside information to answer this question.

    Best answer should go to Jay, no questions asked

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    OMG!!!!Kevin!!! I'm so happy to finally see a question from you again!!!

    I'll try to answer the questions as correctly as possible...OK,here I go:

    1.6-3 6-2.

    2.U.Radwanska and P.Kvitova,she defeated them both 6-2 6-1.

    3.She lost to Lucie Safarova 7-5 6-2.

    4.Regina Kulikova.

    5.Polona Hercog 2-6 6-2 6-3.

    6.False.She defeated her in the semifinals 6-2 6-4.

    7.Agnes Szavay.

    8.Kuznetsova 6-3 2-6 6-0 and Kleybanova 7-6 6-0

    9.She lost the 1st set against Rossana de los Rios 6-4,but won 4-6 6-1 6-0.

    10.False!She lost in the quarters to Azarenka 7-6 6-4.

    11.Klara Zakopalova.

    12.Roger Federer def.Alejandro Falla 5-7 4-6 6-4 7-6 6-0,Novak DJokovic def.Olivier Rochus 4–6 6–2 3–6 6–4 6–2 and Jelena Jankovic def.Laura Robson 6-3 7-6

    13.It's actually in Båstad,not Stockholm...She lost 1 set in the entire tournament.

    14.False.She didn't reach a QF after the French Open(Not so sure about that one...lol).

    15.QF-Francesca Schiavone(6-3 6-2),SF-Svetlana Kuznetsova(6-2 6-3)and F-Vera Zvonareva(6-3 6-2)

    16.ATP-Tomáš Berdych,Ivan Ljubičić,Marcos Baghdatis,Ernests Gulbis,Radek Štěpánek,Juan Mónaco and Lleyton Hewitt.WTA-Li Na,Nadia Petrova,Lucie Safarova,Yaroslava Shvedova...

    17.Greta Arn,Sally Peers and Petra Kvitova.

    18.The information you have given us is wrong.No French players faced each other in the 2nd round except Bartoli and Razzano,but that match was in 2 sets.Maybe you were refering to the 4th round match between Gael Monfils and Richard Gasquet where Monfils won 6-4 7-5 7-5.The only WTA 2nd round match between 2 French-women was the match between Bartoli and Razzano where Razzano won 7-5 6-4???

    19.Nadia Petrova defeated her 6-3 6-2.

    20.True.She defeated her 6-4 6-2.

    21.QF-Julia Gorges(7-6 6-2),SF-Roberta Vinci(6-3 7-5) and F-Patty Schnyder(6-1 6-2)

    22.6-4 6-1 for Azarenka.

    23.Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez

    24.Elena Baltacha(55) and Anne Keothavong(122).As for the ATP the rankings are to be determined after the Davis Cup finals.

    25.She had 306 aces in 2010.

    Wow...This was very hard to answer,but I had so much fun answering it!!!Thanks so much for asking this question!!! It's simply fabulous...lol...that's my favorite word...fabulous...hahahaha!!!

    I hope I got the answers right*fingers crossed*!


    EDIT:James Blake for President!-That is so not fair!!! The Best Answer should go to whoever gets more questions right and it seems to me that I got the most of them right.I answered almost all of the questions right,therefore I deserve a Best Answer...

    Wow....Just wow...I answered almost all of the questions right and you still think I don't deserve the BA...Wow....I'm really disappointed in most of you...I should probably go away from tennis section forever...

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    i will not do the quiz right now because im on my phone & im super busy !

    i reallly just wanted to answer this question because i haven't talked to many on here in a long time ! , how are yalll ? , every time i get on tennis maniacs , noone is on lol .

    EDIT: btw , mai your a genius if you got alll of those correctly , just sayin' . i mean come on , im sure you cheated a little , this is for fun . Don't get to serious , its just a game everyone :D

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