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хιao asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 10 years ago

B&A Writers: If your parent(s) met your main character, how would they react?

Just imagine for a moment that your character came to life, and wanted to meet your parents. How would they react? What would they say? Do you think they'd get along?

BQ: Are you excited for anything?

BQ2: What's your favourite holiday?


BQ4: How are you guys?


Oh, you guys are so sweet. I'm a-okay, thank you! Just a little ill, but getting better.

@Melissa: Valentines day~

@RedStar: Sorry to hear. I hope you feel better soon.

@Peach: Congrats on getting the job! c:

@The Ninja: Haha, I did. Thank you so much. Jesus of Suburbia is a cool song, I'm not even going to lie.

@Pickled Emerald: You okay? Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Great answers, everyone!

11 Answers

  • 10 years ago
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    My parents would be pretty cool with Annette (although they'd wonder why I knew so many people with that name). They're nice to everyone I bring over, and I'm sure she'd have a great time and we'd be able to tell her a lot about humankind.

    BQ: Right now, I'm excited about the part of my NaNoWriMo story I'm working on--the main character is about to confront an ancient being, for better or worse (although it's much more likely that it will be worse).

    BQ2: I like Christmas, not just for the gifts but for hanging out with family. (And turkey!) (And no school!)

    BQ3: Laugh out loud! Well... I'm a pretty neat handwriter, but my hand cramps easily.

    BQ4: I'm feeling great! How about you?

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  • Well, theoretically Ariel and my mother would get along, because they're both social introverts that tend to escape from reality and into their thoughts. But then again, my Mum's so unpredictable, she'd probably end up hating her.

    And of course my Dad would love her. All males do.

    BQ: I don't get excited *looks grim*

    No but srsly.

    I'm pretty excited to get NaNoWriMo done.

    It's my first year doing this, and the end's in sight. It'll be the first novel I've actually finished as well. Well. Not technically, but it'll be the first novel I finish that I'm actually happy with. And by that I mean, happy with the plot, characters and everything in between.

    BQ2: Christmas, of course!

    Not so much about the presents, but more so just gathering around the dining table and eating this huge traditional feast. I love it.

    BQ3: Cute!

    Yeah I like my handwriting. I've always taken pride in the way it looks, so I've been refining it since I was about seven. It's not as nice as my friend Maria's, but it's pretty spiffy (if I don't say so myself).

    BQ4: Been better.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think my parents would sort of like my main character. He's easy enough to get along with but he is a bit cold and distant so my parents might find it a little awkward to talk to him. But seriously, if my character did come to life I'd be spending every single moment with him :)

    BQ: I'm excited for my job which I start in two weeks (bartending, yay!)

    BQ2: Christmas. It's summer over here at Christmas and I love summer.

    BQ3: That is really cute! I like my handwriting because it's small and tidy and a lot of people comment on how much they like it so I'm kind of proud of it.

    BQ4: I'm okay. And you?

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  • 10 years ago

    My dad might be okay with it. But my mom would just be like... okay...? And confused. XD

    BQ: YES! I just found out my CD that I ordered last week from Japan is here! A week earlier than expected!!! I'm happy!!! :D:D:D:D (can you tell? XD)

    BQ2: Uh... don't have one? Wait.. what holiday has the best chocolate? Yeah, that holiday or the day after really because then I can get all that chocolate on sale! What? I'm cheap. XD

    BQ3: LOL! It's much better than mine. Honest. Well, unless I actually try to write nice.

    BQ4: I'm good. :D Little stressed that I'm very very very very behind on NaNoWriMo, but not bad.

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  • My parents are 50 and separated (my mom is remarried now), so let me think what both would do.

    My dad would probably be like, "Get outside, do something, kid". My main character is like me in that way--we're both happy indoors watching TV or reading or something. My dad would think he is a good kid, though. They'd get along for sure.

    My mom would like to have him around. She'd probably enjoy sitting and talking with him if she could. They would get along as well.

    BQ: I'm excited for Christmas--I'm giving my best friend rainbow duct tape as a joke and my other friend 10 dollars for reading a book (she never reads). I am also asking my parents for a cell phone, one of those QWERTY phones. Woo! And I get to see my dad! (I hope he can come, anyway! Last year we weren't so lucky!)

    BQ2: Christmas. <3

    BQ3: Aha, did you draw that? You're so good! Hehe! Well, no, I don't like my handwriting. It's so messy and my hands spaz all the time.

    BQ4: I'm alright. I just finished supper. Going to watch this video:

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • .
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    10 years ago

    At first, they'd be nice to her and probably even like her a little, but once they knew her, ask me to stay away from her, what with her being an assassin and all! But they would acknowledge that she's a good person and has her reasons for what she's doing.

    BQ: Not really. I guess Harry Potter! :P

    BQ2: New Years, I guess...if that's even a holiday!

    BQ3: Mine sucks, but I can be neat if I want to. I just choose speed and accuracy over appearance :]

    BQ4: Bored, tired but still good :]


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  • 10 years ago

    They'd probably like her a lot, actually. My parents are also one of the very few types of people who could make her feel at ease.

    BQ: Not especially.

    BQ2: None in particular, but I'll choose Easter because here in the UK Easter is a four-day weekend.

    BQ3: My handwriting is awful.

    BQ4: Exhausted and fed-up.

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  • 10 years ago

    They'd be pretty accepting. She would startle my dad a *little* at first, but they would be find in the end.


    BQ2: Halloween :D

    BQ3: No. It's really weird and it's sort of sterile (that's seriously the only way I can describe it), as in, it looks sort of like this: but both neat and messy at the same time. I wish it was like this:

    BQ4: meh.

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  • Well; I have 3 stories ATM.

    Main Character from book 1- Kass Gibson. They'd be pretty cool with her! :D She's very funny, they'd get along with her well :')

    Main Character from book 2- Charlotte Wood- They'd like her, I guess, but not too fond of her. She's pretty quiet, but they wouldn't mind her.

    Main Character from book 3- Natalia Finch- They'd LOVE her, she's sarcastic, strong, independant, they'd treat her like a daughter! :D

    BQ: Hmmm.... Horseriding at the weekend? xD

    BQ2: CHRISTMAS! :')

    BQ3: Not at all, it's looks like the old-fashioned people handwriting, all squiggly and posh xD.

    BQ4: I'm fantastic thanks :) You? :D

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  • 10 years ago

    My mother would probably faint at the sight of a mental patient in her house. ;) My dad would drag here out in the streets and lock all doors.


    BQ2: My bday

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