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Whats a sad movie with a cute sassy teenage boy in it?

Mabie he is dying, parents are abusive...Idk just really wanna watch a sad movie with a cute teenager in it haha:)

Kinda like.

Life as a house

This Boys Life

The BasketBall Di ares


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    1. Teenage Dirtbag

    2. Keith

    3. Donnie Darko

    4. Into the Wild

    5. The Outsiders

    6. Alpha Dog

    7. My Own Private Idaho

    8. Brick

    9. Candy

    10. What's eating Gilbert's Grape

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    Silence of the Lambs.

    Clearly the allegory made by the estranged Buffalo Bill finding out his real sexuality in a modern world that would not accept it is something we can all take a page from.

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    the last song.

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