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Manifest Destiny was the idea that God had given the continent to

A) white men, and expected them to bring Christianity to the Native Americans.

B) Americans, and it was their destiny to become the greatest nation in the world.

C) Americans, and wanted them to settle western land.

D) Americans, and it was their duty to protect the environment.


How did the concept of Manifest Destiny apply to expansion into the western territories of the United States?

A) People believed they could settle the land in the west without payment to the government.

B) People felt that they were limited in how far west they could settle.

C) People believed they were obligated to preserve the land in the west for Native Americans.

D) People felt it was their right as Americans to settle the western lands of the country.


The first pioneers became known as squatters because they

A) settled on the area’s best land.

B) settled on land they did not own.

C) set up underground shelters.

D) did not want to pay for their land.


The Preemption Act of 1830 allowed squatters to

A) settle on land they did not own.

B) buy land from the real estate companies handling it for the government.

C) buy land from the government for the minimum price of $1.25 per acre.

D) rent the land until they had saved enough money to buy it.


The hope of finding land on which to settle in the west drove some Americans, called ____, across the continent.

A) squatters

B) trailblazers

C) overlanders

D) natives


Mountain men played a vital role in western settlement because they

A) protected the wagon trains from Native American attacks.

B) taught emigrants how to steer the covered wagons over rocky ground.

C) supplied the wagon trains with food and clothing.

D) carved out several east-to-west trails that helped settlers move west.


Which of the following challenges did western settlers not face in their travels?

A) wagons overturning due to inexperienced drivers.

B) inaccurate guide books which sometimes did not help people reach their destination.

C) constant attacks from Native American tribes

D) poor road conditions and rough trails.


Seeking religious freedom, the Mormons traveled west, settling in what is now

A) Oregon.

B) California.

C) Utah.

D) Idaho.


As more Americans settled in California, what caused increased tensions with the Mexican government?

A) The Americans’ demand to create their own state and become part of the United States.

B) Decreased trade between California and southern Mexico.

C) Scattered rebellions by Americans throughout California.

D) The growing differences between California and southern Mexico.


Mexico invited Americans and other foreigners to settle in Texas because

A) Mexican citizens did not want to move to unsuitable farmland.

B) as a new country, Mexico wanted to promote better relations with other countries

C) Mexico wanted to persuade more people to become better Mexican citizens

D) Mexico could not persuade its own citizens to move to the frontier.


What was not one of the conditions Mexico required of American settlers in Texas?

A) Settlers were required to become Mexican citizens.

B) Settlers had to pay the Mexican government with a percentage of the crops they grew on their land.

C) Settlers had to become Roman Catholics.

D) Settlers were required to follow Mexican laws.


What was one of the reasons American settlement in the southwest caused conflict with Mexico?

A) Americans did not become Mexican citizens.

B) Mexican citizens adopted the customs and practices of the new American settlers.

C) Americans did not adopt Mexican customs as the Mexican government expected them to.

D) The Mexicans and Native Americans clashed over the land given to the new settlers.


When American Benjamin Edwards called for rebellion against the Mexican government, what was the result?

A) Mexican authorities did not allow more American settlers into Texas and taxed foreign imports.

B) Edwards and the rebels were successful, and Texas became an independent nation.

C) Edwards’ rebellion was defeated, and he was killed.

D) Mexican authorities ignored the threat completely.


When American Stephen F. Austin realized he could no longer negotiate with Mexican president Santa Anna, what did Austin encourage Texans to do?

A) Accept and follow Mexican rule

B) Organize an army to prepare for battle

C) Secede from Mexico

D) Allow the Mexican army to keep peace in Texas


How did the Mexican government react when Texans declared independence from Mexico?

A) Santa Anna accepted the declaration and negotiated trade terms at the Alamo.

B) The government combined Texas and Coahuila into a separate Mexican state.

C) Santa Anna increased the size of the Mexican army and battled the Texans at the Alamo and Goliad.

D) The government ignored the declaration and treated Texas the same as it always had.

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