essential tremor is there anyone like me?

i am 30yrs old and was born with essential is in every part of my body from head to foot,my speech is now being affected i cant write or do some daily things as most ppl there anyone else out there like me or close.if so could u explain daily how u feel are u tired alot and how u get around daily tasks.i am a mom of 4 and still manage pretty well but it is getting worse as time goes.i have seen specialists everywhere from birth and they say they can not say what will stay and what will go as in they claim on day i may not be able to walk my balance now is very anyone have it or have had it 30 yrs plus i know born with it is rare.please if u could give me anything that all these docs could not as in how u feel personally thanks.


sorry that site no help i have tried every medication on there over the 30 yrs and because mine is so widespread and getting so bad nothing works.they are saving the parkinsons drugs for me later in life incase the 2 conditions clash at some point.

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    Join Yahoo Groups Tremor at: There is a wealth of information stored in the message board archives. The members are very knowledgeable.

    Also, follow tweets at: TAN keeps current with tremor and other medical related updates. YouTube Channel at: features 7 tremor videos.

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    The organization to check out is --that is the international organization.

    I can only offer my best wishes. My tremor is not nearly so severe as yours, but I do wish that the public was better informed. I don't like the idea that they think it's d.t.s, too much caffeine, etc.

    Our support group has given anecdotal stories about the medications, deep brain stimulation procedure, etc. (There are members that do have severe symptoms, some starting at an early age.)

    Again, best of luck.

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    Well, I was recently diagnosed with an essential tremor. I'm a 45yo woman. Unfortunately, I can offer only sympathy, as I have not progressed to your stage at this time. But at least you know you're not alone! Good Luck.

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