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Bicycle trainer stand plans?

I want to make one of those bicycle trainer stands, so i can use my bicycle to exercise in the house. They're so expensive, I can't buy one. Does anyone have plans to make one?

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    You could not possibly make a bike trainer for less money than the price of a basic one. Bike trainers have to have a solid , strong frame with clamps that can secure the bike without damaging it. You also need some kind of friction roller to provide resistance. Everything would have to be welded together very precisely. Try second hand sites to find used ones. I bought one a few years ago for only $25 at a cycling club flea market. The materials and supplies for such a machine would cost you much more than even a new one, and a home made one would be very likely to damage your bike.

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    I'm not aware of any plans for making a DIY one - probably because the resistance unit is the heart of the stand. Without it, your wheel will just spin too fast and you won't be able to get a workout. You will need a sturdy frame as well - probably not a good idea to create from wood!

    In order to do it right, you'll probably spend more on parts than what it would cost to just buy one. Check craigslist and ebay. Here are some links to some inexpensive ones:

    For $79 dollars: http://www.nashbar.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/P... Use EXTRA10 for 10% more off!

    For $69 dollars:


    Currently $1.25 on ebay:


    For $74.95 shipped on ebay:



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    You can get one for $100 or less. There is no possible way you could make an effective one for less than that, unless you were an expert welder and had most of the materials laying around the house.


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    Look on craigslist & keep looking. You may not find one right away - but they show up from time to time at greatly reduced prices. I've seen nearly new ones listed anywhere between $20 to $100.

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    I also use the kinetic by kurt, hydraulic, a bit over $300.

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