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Is Israel's withdrawal good for all parties concerned?

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    It is good for all parties put the people of Al-Ghajar village since half of it will be Lebanese and the other have is suppose to be Syrian but occupied by israel.Families,relatives,neighbores will be separated.The Ghajar people speak as being Syrians and want to be part of syria as the whole Gullan is.

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    Yes, no doubt about that!

    Palestinians will get back some of their stolen lands where they can establish their Internationally recognized state. Israel on the other hand, will prove that it can be civilized and democratic state. Everyone happy.

    Notice i am talking about all the lands occupied after 1967 war and not only half village

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    I think the zionist state should withdraw from all occupied territories after 1967, now concerning Sheb'aa Farms and El-Ghajar, it is a strategic and tactical move by the occupier.

    Since Hizblalla is militating against the occupation of the Lebanese territories, by withdrawing, they are taking out of them this reason, thus creating a new problem between Lebanese.

    When all Lebanon is liberated why should Hizballa keeps his weapons ?.

    A new division in the country will happen, and who knows, a new internal war for the benefit of the zionist state.

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    Pro Israelis will be making the most of this tiny gesture which at the end of the day is just a drop in the ocean . Now if they returned the whole of the occupied West Bank then I would be impressed.

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    Only time will tell

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