Is it OK that my 5wk old slept 8 hours without eating?

My baby is 5 weeks old and last just slept 8 full hours without a feeding. Shes past her birth weight and gaining steadily, but she was born smaller than most and right now, shes about the weight of many newborn babies (7.5lbs).

Also how will the 8 hour stretch affect my milk supply since I'm breastfeeding?

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    It's perfectly fine! I also agree that you shouldn't wake a baby to feed...I mean, would YOU want someone to wake you up and make you eat? She'll wake when she's hungry. As long as she is eating regularly, gaining weight and thriving, just let her be! She's doing great and having a full night's sleep means you get to feel human, too!

    If she regularly skips the night feed, you will eventually stop making so much milk at night, which won't hurt anything because she's wouldn't be eating then. If it was a one off thing, then your supply won't be affected. If it worries you, you can always pump/express in the middle of the night, but there may not be a need to do that (however, you can always freeze it and make a nice stash in case you're ever away from baby for a little while and someone else is watching her!)

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    definite! time it marvelous and you get a reliable night sleep. You do be attentive to that there will be days once you will desire to empty the 'refrigerator and that's not quite adequate. Our son went via a time while nutrients basically had no real fee to him. those have been the final 12 hours of our life! the 1st time we got here at him with a spoon he grabbed it wrestled it from us and shoved it in. he's a million a million/2 precisely 2 years and 9 days youthful than our little woman and he's basically 5 pounds lighter than her (neither newborn is "fat")

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    It's fine. Enjoy it while it lasts. (Because it wont.) Babies change their sleep patterns often.

    But yeah if you were nursing at night, this will affect your milk supply. You might want to get up and pump at least once in the night.

    When my son started sleeping full nights, I lost ALOT of milk because I had been nursing at least 3 times at night. I refused to get up at night to pump because I was finally getting some sleep. But I paid for it in the end: I tried to pump during the day to make up for it, but that meant I had either my son or my pump on my breast all day. It was anoying and I ended up quitting when he was 3 months.

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    Yes! My son started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. My rule is to never wake a sleeping baby. If they get hungry enough, they'll wake up. Don't worry! My son was also born small at 6.13lbs. Enjoy your sleep!

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    she's doing fantastic!

    sleeping though usually happens around the 6wk mark, and is not cause for concern.

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    Just when you are supposed to breastfeed just use a pump if you have one or you canuse ur hands!!

    Hope i helped!

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