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Las vegas, NV? sin city.... its depressing and shows our world clearly?

i think its the most horrendus place on earth.. .with all those clubs, gambling.. why should a place like this even exist?

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    Sounds more like YOU are the one that is DEPRESSED....and has a SAD view of the world.

    Las Vegas 'can' be a SIN City....if that is what you want it to be...for you. For me and my family/friends/ is a city of opportunity...that can be just as boring or exciting as you choose to make it.

    To help educate you on your 'uneducated' and judgemental statement.....People that come to Vegas can choose to:

    Attend church (we have dozens & dozens) just as much as to gamble,

    they come here to get married as much as divorced,

    they come here to attend conventions more than to buy bottle service,

    they spend more money on business events/conventions than strip clubs,

    they go on Grand Canyon tours, Hoover Dam tours, Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston skiing, Lake Mead dinner cruises, the Lied Discovery Museum, the Lou Ruvo Center for medical treatment/research, the Las Vegas Springs Preserve...and so, so, much more...

    If you cannot control your problems with drinking, gambling, prostitution or any other "sinful" issues...that's your issue...and you can be just as 'sinful' in any other city, state, country...yes, it may be more available in Vegas than most places...but the SIN comes from within the person...not the City.

    Source(s): I live here, work here, and am considered a VERY moral person. It's judgemental people who see the sin of themselves reflected in their own eyes that give Christians and others that point fingers of 'sin' at others...and don't notice how many fingers are pointing back at themselves that give the 'good' and true Christians a bad rep. Shame on you for such a self-righteous, pompous, and judgemental statement (pretending to be a question!) Hope you get a life ....and maybe a you can see yourself more clearly. Best wishes and God Bless you...hope your life gets better for you.
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    Sin is what you make of it (regarding personal opinion and your chosen faith's belief structure), and the name "Sin City" in relation to Las Vegas is a marketing gimmick. I've lived in Las Vegas for over 32 years and only transplants that came with large amounts of "baggage" and tourists really believe it's a bad place. It is a city in the United States with some of the most oppressive and visible police, ridiculously conservative state/county/local laws, and exceedingly Mormon population (they don't drink, gamble, do drugs, or use hookers). Aside from the possible cult reference with the Mormons (for another conversation), there is nothing more sinful about Las Vegas than any other city in the United States.

    And to clear the air I live in a house, I do not work in or for any casino or hotel, and I vote and pay taxes like any normal US citizen. There is NOTHING wrong with the city aside from your pre-judged opinions, and I'd thank you for keeping them to yourself unless you have personal factual experiences to share with the class.

    Source(s): My family has been living in Las Vegas and Henderson for 50 years. I was born in Las Vegas, went to school in Las Vegas, and I live in Las Vegas currently. I know the historical landmarks and their significance, I know the local politics and marketing plans, and I hold personal relationships with management individuals at casinos and business instrumental in keeping the Clark County economy alive.
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    Since you do not like Vegas, you are welcomed to visit other states that appear to have value system closer to yours. But for those millions who find the fun of Vegas, the warmth of the desert as an escape from their winter weather, and so much more, Nevada welcomes them with open arms.

    Vegas has been here legally since 1930 and millions of people visit yearly from around the world. People come not to gamble but to enjoy the shows, visit friends, etc. The sin city designation really has to do with other things besides prostitution, that is gambling. Now there are other states with legal gambling across the US including NJ, WA, PA and CA.

    Those males who come for other reasons find that prostitution is illegal, just like every other state. In Nevada there are very specific counties where it is legal, those with less than 250,000 people. But prostitution can be found in every city, just perhaps not as notorious.

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    Just because you put a question mark behind words doesn't make it a question.. If you don't like it then don't come here. If you think that is all Vegas is about then is shows how shallow you are. If you live here then move, the city would be even better without you.

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    Vegas is an awesome place. Leave your beliefs to yourself and stop trying to pass the crap on to everyone else. People love to gamble and love going to clubs. Get over it.

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    Many come to Vegas enjoy the gambling, wild clubs, restaurants and shows. But you owe it to yourself to see the real Vegas that many visitors and we who live here know and love. Vegas is surrounded by National Parks that are spectacular. Dont miss them. Take a look at the videos at

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    or you could stay in calif where and listen to people cry about paying 1400 dollars a month for a 1 bedroom without parking or air or youc an not be afriad to live life and move somewhere that is cheaper

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    Why shouldn't it, there are about 37 Million people annually that disagree with you. And it has the highest population of mormons outside of Salt Lake City.

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    its an ok place to visit but i could not stand living there, i totally agree you as far as living there. but i guess people have to live there to keep the city running, right?

    Source(s): lived there for 4 years
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