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Who are the villains of psychology?

My own list would consist mostly of those who rushed from casual observations about human behavior to therapeutic approaches without gathering empirical evidence for their approaches, or even proposing how their theories might be tested. These individuals are the founding fathers of pop psychology. While Freud undoubtedly deserves top spot, I list the following in no particular order:

Sigmund Freud and his followers (Adler, Jung, Rank, Erikson, etc.)

Viktor Frankl

Abraham Maslow

Rollo May

Carl Rogers is one of the few humanistic psychologists I would leave off the list. At least he attempted to discover evidence for his theories.

Which psychologists make your villains list?


I forgot Erich Fromm, another bad apple.

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    B.F. Skinner, who, in my opinion, skewed psychology one sidedly to behaviourism, causing the study of the more subjective side, such as the nature and interpretation of dreams to be held back for decades.

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