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Google Translate Proves that 'Allah' is NOT the Creator?

Why did Islam create the Arabic language? Do you know who created & revised the Arabic language?


'Allah' was AUTODETECTED to be Turkish|en|allah

'God' from English to Turkish = Tanri (first result) Allah (second)|tr|god

Ay Tanrı is the goddess of moon in Turkic mythology.

She was both feared and loved. She was believed to give magic powers to shamans, thus positively perceived in that way. But in general Ay Tanrı was related to negative issues such as malicious spirits, illness, and death... Retrieved from "

Why does Muhammads 'miracles' revolve around the Moon and not the entire Universe, as Yahweh is the creator of the Universe and Allah has fooled many to beleive that she is the creator?

The Koran is a book that has stolen from Judiasm & Christian books as much as possible to make it's own story sound believable? And to make other books to cause doubt in the Bible?

English Muslims, Why must you speak in Arabic when you pray to God, why cannot you just call him God like everyone else? Why do they forbid you to pray in another language?

Answer me with honesty, please!

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    Thank you for asking me about my religion.

    Before i began to answer your question, i would like to state two important things:

    1. As Muslims we cannot lie about anything, especially about our religion.

    2. We have original recorded sources of our religion:

    A) The Quran

    B) Teachings of Muhammad - the Authentic saying or Sunnah

    This is a unique part of Islam, not available in any other ancient religions.

    Muslims submit and surrender their will and desires to the will and the laws of the Creator. By referring to, "The Creator", Muslims are talking about "Allah."

    "Allah" simply means "God" in Arabic.

    The term Allah is derived from a contraction of the Arabic definite article al- "the" and 'ilah "deity, god" to al-lah meaning "the [sole] deity, God" (ho theos monos). Cognates of the name "Allah" exist in other Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic. Biblical Hebrew mostly uses the plural form (but functional singular) Elohim. The corresponding Aramaic form is 'Elaha in Biblical Aramaic and 'Alâhâ in Syriac.

    The contraction of al- and 'ilah in forming the term Allah ("the god", masculine form) parallels the contraction of al- and 'ilaha in forming the term Allat ("the goddess", feminine form).


    Some other common questions are answered in a rational/ sensible manner in the links provided below:

    Who is Allah?

    Where is Allah?

    What is the concept of god in Islam

    is Allah the moon - God?

    Source(s): cool fundamentalist hopes to have answered ur question (s) do post any future questions pertaning to islam on society and culture -- >> holidays -->> ramadan
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    ALLAH(Arabic) is a conjugation of Al-ilah,the God,it's true pagan Arabia used to call their deity as Al ilah because it means God,just like in my own Vernacular dialect,people call god Tuhan (though PAGAN but our ancestors had the concept of supreme being) during Pre Islamic period and when Islam was introduced,we address God as Allah or Tuhan.we sometimes invoke prayer saying YA TUHAN( Oh God)but we mean the ONE and ONLY God ALLAH.our Language wouldn't change isn't it?another instance are Americans or English Speaking People who call Jesus Christ as God (Catholics) and the same People who worship Jesus as God suddenly converted to Islam,do you think these people would mean Jesus Christ when they say God this time?of course not,they would mean the ONE and ONLY CREATOR, SEE what i mean? so goes with the Arabic speaking people.whether they are Pagans,Christians,Jews, Muslims or Atheists they call the Creator as ALLAH which means the God.

    if Quran was copied from Judaism and Christianity,how come we don't support your Doctrine of original Sins and Redemption,Trinity,Death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Sonship?infact we boldly denounced your claims?

    and why our Noble Quran cursed the Jews for breaking their covenants and Killing the Prophets of Allah? and conspired to kill the Messiah?

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    ,. Muslims can not give a proper and sensible answer .Answers of others would viewed as insulting or denigrating .so some questions will go without any genuinee answers to them.

    We have been fooled by the wrong wrong answers by the Gods themselves ( as revealed to the their favorite agents ) about this world that they claim to have made , for thousands of years .What if some wrong answers we get for this question . It makes no difference .Please do not think that the answer chosen as the best one for any question on this forum is the right answer.Many are wrong answers only and they are classified as the best answers only and solely because they satisfy the questioners !

    Criticism and statement of real facts based on the very scriptures of of any religions , is stated to be offensive according to the community guidelines .This is wrong .Only falsehood and imputation of any character without citing any authority and vague and baseless allegations alone should be taken as offensive and not statement of facts and criticism on that basis .The site will b doing some good service to all sections if it allows genuin criticism and comparison of the religions and their philosophies on the basis of hard facts so as to enable all people to see the real colour of the philosophy of any and every religion.

    The site is not meant to propagate any religion on false claims contrary to what it actually teaches in its own scripture .

    It is meant for the exposition of the real facts contained in the teachings of every religion and a comparative study of the relative merits and demerits of the philosophies of all religions and their relevance to the contribution of peace and amity among the people of all faiths and the welfare of the people of the world .

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    Why MUSLIMS have to recite ARABIC>. ?? Because Arabic is Beautiful language..have you ever heard Quran being Recited.??/

    Youtube thumbnail

    Arabic language.. is Sister Language of HEBREW... They both existed.. Alongside..

    Abraham PBUH had two Son Ismael and Isaac..

    Most Corrupted BOOK on earth today is BIBLE.. anybody .. HOW MANY VERSIONS OF BIBLE DO WE HAVE THATS ENOUGH OF A CLAIM..

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    Why would you trust Google Translate on metaphysical things like deity?

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    My honest answer: Does anyone really care?!

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    "Like everyone else?"

    You might want to research that.

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