Why is Alistair acting like he's king even when I didn't make him king?

Sorry for the long question; I wasn't quite sure how to word it. ^.^; Anyways, here's a better explanation...

So, originally I wanted to be Queen on Dragon Age: Origins, along with Alistair. But then I realized after I made him king that if I wasn't a human noble (I'm a city elf), he would just dump me afterwards. So, I reloaded a save right before the Landsmeet and made Anora queen by herself. Pretty normal, right?

But now, I'm really confused. All of a sudden, when I went to Redcliffe, where the army gathered to fight with the final darkspawn invasion, Anora was nowhere to be found. And Alistair started referring to himself as king. I mean, I don't really have a problem with it, cuz he hasn't dumped my character yet and is still saying sappy romantic "I love you"s and such (XD I sound so selfish), but I'm just kinda wondering why that happened. I won't really be troubled if nobody answers; I'm just curious. Thanks if you know! ^.^

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    I went through something similar, me and Alistair were in love and then I killed Loghain at the landsmeet and made Alistair king and he dumped me : ( but then we were still romantic at camp so I think it's just dialogue but it doesn't actually change anything, so either 2 things happened

    1 - The game bugged and it loaded the game that you made Alistair King even though you selected the Anora being Queen game save, or maybe you accidentally loaded the wrong game hun, no offense x x so he is king but you can still be soppy with each other which is normal (even though he dumped you) I think Bioware screwed up there, or...

    2 - Anora is actually queen, because this doesn't change the fact that Alistair is royalty (even though he is not king) so maybe he is saying something like that he is royal blood and Cailin's half brother but he is not actually king but you said he is acting like King which is really strange, maybe he is in denial? : P It was a long time since I last played the final battle, I am only on my 2nd playthrough at level 12 but the first time I did it I'm sure Anora was at Redcliffe so if she is not there and Alistair is acting like King it is possibly bigged

    I did have trouble loading my game one time though, I thought the game on the top was the last played game so I always used to load the saved game at the top of my saved game lists, but sometimes the order is muddled up and you have to select carefully when you load your game because the one at the top might not be the last one you played so you could end up accidentally loading the wrong save, ok ima shut up now I love talking about Dragon Age : D LoL

    hope I helped xx

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