Which wrestling company has the best tag team division in all of professional wrestling today ROH, TNA or WWE?

WQ:) Which wrestling company has the best tag team division in all of

professional wrestling today ROH, TNA or WWE?

-ROH Ring of Honor

1. The Briscoe Brothers

2. The American Wolves

3. The Kings of Wrestling

4. The Bravado Brothers

5. The Dark City Fight Club

-TNA Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling


2. Beer Money

3. Generation Me

4. Team 3D

5. London Brawling (Desmond Wolfe & Brutus Magnus)

-WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

1. The Hart Foundation

2. The Uso's

3. The Nexus

4. The Dude Busters

5. The Gate Crashers

BQ:) Would you prefer Survivor Series to be the traditional way the entire card

stacked with 4 on 4 Survivor Series elimination style of matches how it use to

be Teams of four faces against four heels with one team captain on each team

or you prefer the way the pay per view is now just a regular pay per view card?

*Please explain your answer for the main question and for the bonus question

the person who gets the best answer will get the 10 points thanks to all of you

who participate in answering my question today.

Update 3:

Your right I knew that. The DCFC is now with FIP

(Full Impact Pro) Wrestling number five on ROH

list is The World Greatest Tag Team. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie. First three answer please

answer the question correctly follow directions.

Update 4:

@ Rassling Fundamentals answer the question correctly please you didn't specify your answer which promotion has the best tag teams today in wrestling. And NO Jey Uso WILL NOT be the next Rock and M.V.P. might have a chance to shine though now he

is more realistic at getting over like the Rock.

Update 5:

@Pras I don't even get to watch ROH on Hdnet I have to upgrade my satellite to a High Definition receiver I might do that for Christmas for now, I watch Ring of Honor dvd past and recent events.

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    9 years ago
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    It's RoH. Potentially, it can get better with the tag teams they have. They've been molding Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly into a team and, potentially, they could have LAX if Hernandez decides to quit TNA and have LAX invade RoH instead of TNA and have ourselves a new Rottweilers-type of group

    In RoH, you have The All-Night Express, Up In Smoke, The House of Truth (with new wrestlers), Super Smash Brothers, KOW, WGTT, American Wolves, Bravados, Briscoes and whatever tag team the Embassy cooks up. It's that packed in the RoH tag team division, it's very good for tag teams in general

    BQ - It was good for the old days. Nowadays, people are gonna be bashing a PPV if all matches were the traditional Series matches. They need a WWE Title match, an US Title match to be at an event like the Series for the event to sell. IMO, they do need 1 traditional match to have it echo Survivor Series but that's enough in today's age. They'll do it with Bragging Rights, they'll do it with Survivor Series

  • 9 years ago

    Sadly I dont get any ROH in NZ and i have to watch TNA on youtube so I canonly make my judgement based on WWE vs TNA

    In my opinion TNA has a better Tag Team set up, they have legitimate teams and they dont appear to use tag matches as a fill in when they need to book something in

    The teams are btter, the matches are more exciting. WWE have a habit of creating tag teams with two big stars just to get them in the ring at the same time.

    BQ - Survivor Series should be 4 on 4 elimination matches like they used to be, WWE are making too many changes due to the ratings drop, instead of making better matches and feuds they are tinkering with classic events

  • Overall, I'd go with ROH. At the same time that I'm not a regular viewer of it, from what I seen, they seem very keen of showcasing their tagteam talent. TNA does too, but I feel ROH does it more. WWE?You might as well as left them out the question lol.

    BQ: I'd rather the traditional Survivor Series. I don't understand. Why keep the name when they gave the concept to a different ppv and placing them after one another is like insult to injury.

  • 9 years ago

    Darky city is no longer with Ring of Honor.....London Brawling has been missing in action for weeks......WWE does not have tag team division.....its just a way to make solo wrestlers look good......they all split up after 5 months....Jey Uso will be the next Rock.

    The best tag team division is the United States of America is Dragon Gate.....everybody is in a stable :)

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  • 9 years ago


    you also forgot Haas and Benjamin they signed with ROH

  • 9 years ago


    The American Wolves




    The Uso's

    since ROHBrazil removed ALL ROH's videos can you give me a link how to watch ROH?

  • 9 years ago

    worlds greatest tag team

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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