how long after sell-by date is it safe to eat chicken?

If raw chicken sat in the fridge for 4 days after sell-by date, and then was cooked, how long would it be safe to eat after that?

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  • 10 years ago
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    A sell by date is not an expiration date and can usually be cooked and eaten safely many days later.

    when raw: look for slime or any type of odor. if so disgard.

    when cooked and cooled properly you can get an aditional 3 to 5 days without any trouble.

    the key here is time and temperture. Chicken should be cooked to an internal temp of a 165 degree's.

    All reheated food should also be heated to a 165 degrees.

    It's time and temp abuse of food that creates an over abundance of harmful bacteria.

    Spoilage organisms are gross and nasty but generally will not make a person sick if consumed.

    Source(s): I am a chef of over 14 years.
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    Sell By Date On Chicken

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    Chicken Sell By Date

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    If you are going to freeze it now then it is good for about a month. But if you have it in the refrigerator then it is good for about a couple of more days. They put the sale by date on the meats because the grocery stores don't know when a customer is going to actually start cooking the meat. So it has to be sold at a certain time just in case they wait. It is not waiting too long and they are selling you rotten meats. Most of those meats are cheaper and good to cook right away because the grocery store meats are in a refrigerator section and it can't stay like that too long but if it was in a refrigerator it extends the life of a meat.

    So the answer to your questions is yes it is good. But don't have it just sitting out. Treat it like the date is not there and cook it. I would put it in the freezer until I was ready to use it. Alot of people see the date on something and just get scared it is ok honestly!

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    I really don't pay attention to the date. Most advise against this. I simply smell it and feel it. If it is at all slimy then toss it. If it has a smell to it then toss it. This is not to say I don't pay attention at the store. This is very important to me. After I get it home then I freeze it or toss it in the fridge if I think I will use it in the next few days. Sometimes I don't and it goes beyond the sell by date.Chicken should have a VERY LIGHT chicken smell unless you buy a premium type chicken from a butcher. Most grocery store's chicken have a very light poultry flavor. Same applies to fish. Fish should have a neutral or light fish smell. If it smells fishy or muddy then toss it. What about Beef. It isn't red. It has turned brown. The manufacturer injects colored water to accentuate the color and make it look good. This settling to the bottom is not an ABSOLUTE sign of it being bad. I haven't EVER had food poisoning or gotten sick from food. Storage is key. Keeping it wrapped and having your fridge from 33F-37F and your freezer -5f or below is perfect. Storing food from 40F on up is VERY dangerous and promotes the growth of bacteria.

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    If it was cooked and stored in the 'fridge it is good for at least 5 day and probably longer. People get confused over safe and quality. You can pick up road kill and cook it to make it safe but the quality will not be good. Same with your chicken. Past the sell by date, you cooked it, it is now safe to eat but the quality may have deteriorated. You then stored in 'fridge and it will still be safe to eat for 5 to 7 days. Cooking does not restore quality but it does make things safe to eat.

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    Throw it out now... It should generally not be eaten past 1-2 days after the sell by date, but you should be able to tell by smell... I wouldn't eat it.

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    long selldate safe eat chicken

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    10 years ago

    usually when you purchase things like these on sale they must be cooked right away or frozen if not previously frozen , 3 days top ,the only thing that I suggest to you is to smell it if it smells bad trow it out if not cook it right away , poultry spoils fast.

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    I wouldn't risk it.

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