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What is a notarized document and how do I get one?

...And also In order to get a document notarized do the people signing the document and the notary have to sign it at the same time or can I and someone else sign a document and I bring it to the notary and they notarize it?


Instead of a notary could I just get a regular witness to sign it so there is the two signatures and the witness signing saying that they witnessed the signing of the document?

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    The two most popular acts a notary can perform are taking an acknowledgment and administering an oath.

    Administering an oath is less complicated: the signers must go in person to the notary and sign in front of the notary. The notary is supposed to also ask them aloud something like "do you swear this document true and correct to the best of your knowledge", most states don't give exact wording. Some notaries have the signer raise his/her right hand.

    Taking an acknowledgment means the signer indicates to the notary that he or she signed the document of his own free will because he or she wants to agree to whatever is written in the document. Again, no exact wording is required. One notary might ask "are you signing this of your own free will for the purposes written in the document"? Another notary might be satisfied with the signer saying "I want this notarized". For acknowledgments, the document can be signed ahead of time, but the signer must still go in person to the notary.

    It is not necessary for all the signers go to the same notary at the same time. A person in Florida could take an oath before a notary, mail the document to Arizona, and a second signer could take the same oath before a different notary.

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    The notary *IS* the witness, you can't get some random person to witness you fill the information out. Don't sign anything. Take the documents to a notary, the notary will instruct you on what to do. You basically sign the document in the presence of the notary, the notary then fills out his/her information and signs it. It will cost about 10-15 dollars. Maybe cheaper. You can look in the yellow pages under notary, or google "(Your Town) Notary".

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    Just a document notarized by a notary . The document is supposed to be signed in the presence of the notary so they can notarize the signature is real . Most banks have a notary on staff . In answer to your second question is no , IF you need a notarized document . The notary has a seal they stamp into the document and that s your proof it was notarized .

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    You find a Notary and they stamp and sign it. All parties that are signing the document must do so in front of the notary and prove who they are.

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    You have to find someone who is a notary of the public,basically it's a person who is certified and has a stamp thingy and they sign your document as a witness.

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