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Why are the American people giving up so many rights to our government?

TSA random full body search's are just another example of how our government is getting out of control in the name of protecting us from terrorist.

I'm really starting to get concerned about the loss of our freedoms to our government.

How far will the government go before the American people join together and say enough is enough?

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    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin.

    The illusion of safety is not really safety at all. It is like gun control laws. It will only keep the honest people honest. Those that wish to do us harm will always find a way. If you think they will be going through our first line security instead of finding a way around it you are a fool.

    I have actually had to deal with terrorists first hand, they are neither fools nor stupid. Most are extremely intelligent, and will find a way if they are dedicated enough.

    Source(s): Libertarian US Army Scout
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    "TSA random full body search's are just another example of how our government is getting out of control in the name of protecting us from terrorist."

    I don't agree. People have been searched getting onto jets for many years. Do you feel the same way about pat downs at sporting events and concerts? There is a difference between being searched because you are trying to use a private facility and being searched as you walk down the street. When people were being searched in the NYC subway system after 9/11, I don't remember so many conservatives whining about. That is a PUBLIC facility. If they weren't searching people and somebody hijacked a jet and flew it into a skyscraper you would be complaining that the government didn't do enough to prevent it.

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    For everything the government claims to give us they take something even more important away. The blame lies on those who over generations have allowed themselves to become more and more dependent on the government. The loss of certain freedoms is the price people have paid for being irresponsible and unaccountable with their own lives and they have opened the door to a nanny state that meddles with aspects of our lives that government has no place in. Unfortunately each each new generation seems to be getting softer and more accepting of these government intrusions.

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    The people have become so dependent on the government now-a-days its a bit ridiculous. They believe that they are entitled one way or another to benefits that they just aren't. People want hand outs now and don't want to have to work for anything. I'm with you on the terrified part as I am more than ready to revolt and practically nullify every law that comes to far into my personal life; however, we need more than two people on this. It is our duty to provide new guards for our future security.

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    Freedom has a price tag.

    9/11 could have been avoided with body scans which likely would have detected box cutters.

    Don't screw with my life and my safety.

  • I am rather proud to show off what I have in a body scanner.

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    They are not except for Security purposes If Its not then they will Cry Foul otherwise they are just doing their jobs.

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