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I am trying to locate 1996 anti drug commerical from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America ?

This was an over the top commerical that I remember was aired in the middle of a childrens television show called Dinosaurs. In the commerical you have a boy named David who talks about how he is addicted to herion, and a result his girlfriend leaves him, he is out on the street, a man finds him lends him a "helping hand" (its later implied that's its his pimp) and the kid breaks down "and now I have sex with men to support my habit" and the commerical end as it flashes the Partnership for a Drug Free America logo.

And when I tell folks about this commerical and that it aired during the middle of a childrens television show, almost no one seems to believe that this commerical existed and the only evidence I managed to find of it on google was GLADD objection to the commerical. But that's it.

I would really like to know where I can this commerical.


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    Have you checked YouTube?

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