kitten's eye is shut help please...................?

My one week old kitten's eye stayed shut when she finally opened her eyes. She had it open last night but this morning it shut again. I saw a little green stuff under that eye and wet a paper towel to get it off. She opened it for a minute and shut it again. Is there anything I can do that doesn't involve taking her to the vet? I really don't have the gas or the money.

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    9 years ago
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    Being just one week old means she's just now ready for them to open. Often, kittens will open one, then days later the other, and also open and then close them.

    Usually, kittens open their eyes between one week and two weeks of age. I think long hair cats open in a week, and short hair cats in two weeks, but I may have that backwards. ;)

    If you must interfere, do NOT rub the eyes with anything. At the very most, only "dab" them very gently with a damp (warm) cloth as you are doing.

    If you have any doubts, please take the poor kitten to a vet. Other than that, let nature work it's magic and don't try home remedies as they can often do more harm than good.

    If her mother was around, ,she would lick the eyes to help them open. I'm assuming the mother is not around, so the kitten's immune system may be challenged. If you can find some, get some KMR (kitten milk replacement) and feed it to the kitten. If you get the powder, it's cheap and all you have to do is mix it with water. This will help build up the kittens immune system and help it fight off infections. Normally, the kitten gets it's immunity from it's mother's milk, so if the mother is present, let her feed the cat and also nurse it naturally.

    Hope this helps,

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  • 9 years ago

    Kittens sometimes pick up bacteria through the birth process. It sounds like an infection (possibly conjunctivitis), or possibly beginnings of an upper respiratory infection. You need something from your vet to clear up the infection as the cleaning with warm water and cloth will do not that part, but I would continue to use this method at least to keep the eye clean. The eye might even have some swelling after a time. Sadly, I found a small kitten who had an eye infection that was so bad that one eye had to be removed - this is not to scare you.

    If you don't have money for a vet,call around and see if there is one who has a sliding fee scale, will let you pay a little something for a visit and be billed for the rest. Some vets are willing to help, but you must follow through with whatever arrangements you make, in good faith.

    BTW, use a soft wet tissue, or take an old wash cloth and cut it into smaller pieces, in order to clean the eye. The paper towel is too rough and can scratch the eye, causing more damage.

    BTW - if there are other kittens in the litter, it will spread to them.

    Good luck.

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  • Rose
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    4 years ago

    Your cats have a upper respiratory infection. The reason why I know this is because I had a friend who's cat had kittens. When she took them to the vet, the vet said it had a Resp. infection and that is what cause the sore eyes, as it is called around here. I would recommend getting a warm cloth and cleaning the eyes. It will eventually clear up. Also I would not let a lot of people around them do to the fact that their immune system is low at the moment and they may contract something off a persons hands. After you are done touching the cats you need to go and wash your hands as well.

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  • puma
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    9 years ago

    Dear Amazing,

    Sorry but you need to have the kitten seen by a vet. Usually kittens eyes open around a week to 10 days but since he/she has a green discharge that means he/she probably has conjunctivitis known also as "pink eye". He/she needs an antibiotic ointment to treat the infection prescribed by a vet. Ask a friend or neighbor to help you by either borrowing the gas money or maybe they could drive you there. In any case the kitten needs medical attention. I hope this is of some help to you.

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  • 9 years ago

    Just keep her eye clean. Use warm water on a towel or something. You really need to get her some kind of medicine though. She has an eye infection and it's not going to go away without something.

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  • 9 years ago

    Thats called an infected eye. Dont be scared its nothing bad. All you have to do is make some room tempature salt water and put a few drops in her eye but be careful cuz she might not like it because u will have to hold her down make sure you wipe off any eye burgers or it wont work as good and then if u want put some neosporen around her eye and on her eye lids it will help get rid if it faster both of my big cats had it and my lillte one is starting to get it and yes she will try to get away and if u need anything else please mail me

    Source(s): my 3 cats all got one because they are inside/outside cats
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