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How much radiation do those Airport Scanners put out on people?

Will the Lawyers once again have the opportunity to sue so much they will not only destroy our Medical system, now govt is helping them in the future destroy our Airline system?


Gee- isn't it the business men who travel every week that will end up getting lung cancer from Govt Airport Scanners?

Update 2:

No wonder George Soros owns 11,000 shares in the Scanners!!! OH!

Update 3:

govt made it possible now for Lawyers to sue over the Profiling BS! Now when people start dying from being exposed to all that Radiation LAWYERS WIN AGAIN- Us tax payers LOSE! WOW! EVIL IS AMONG US!

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    ""A passenger would need to be scanned using a backscatter scanner, from both the front and the back, about 200,000 times to receive the amount of radiation equal to one typical CT scan," said Dr. Andrew J. Einstein, director of cardiac CT research at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City."

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  • Jose G
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    9 years ago

    A lot of radiation, it is an x-ray machine and it is proved that it isn't good for you, but I do not know why there is more people protesting about it. It is dangerous and invasive. But at the same time our borders are open to anyone to come in and we see it everyday in our borders with Mexico and even through our beaches. I do not have to travel, but for those who travel often my advise is to oppose to those machines and do not let the people at the airport use it with them, I rather strip naked than than getting my internal organs radiated by those dangerous machines.

    Take care!

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  • Andy
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    9 years ago

    More than what is necessary. Radiation doses can add up over time and you should avoid getting dosed when possible. At work I have to go into "high" radiation areas which really aren't that high at all and we have to wear protective suits (no masks or hoods for the areas I'm talking about), gloves, booties over our regular boots. When we leave we have to "frisk" ourselves (similar to these but much older If it's serious enough for us to do that for areas that are barely above really shouldn't be putting yourself in a situation to get more.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Nowhere near the amount that depleted uranium did to our troops in Iraq..

    Did the radiation damage our troops received because of the lie bother you?

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  • 16 million roentgens.

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