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Upper Eyelid Swelling?

Two days ago, I was working on my car. I lifted my vehicle to apply clamps, and muffler tape on a

leak coming through my muffler. As I was working underneath it, a tiny piece of rust fell into my left eye, and I wiped it off, and I was fine, although it left my eye feeling a bit itchy later.

Next day, I woke up, and noticed a slight swelling in my upper eyelid, I noticed the left and right eyelid had a slight unbalance, I shrugged it as nothing. It hurt, or more like I felt discomfort when I touched the eyelash area of my eye. So I tried to leave it alone, I had slight itching, and like a dumb as* I started rubbing my eye. And continued to rub it whenever I felt a slight itch.

Today, I woke up in the morning, and the swelling was a lil more noticeable with minor redness.

My sister asked me if my eye is ok, and I told her I dont' know. Cause I don't feel any pain, or

serious itching, or any burning. It just swelled a bit. So I'm trying to find out what to do.

I have work tomorrow at 7AM, and I don't know what I should do for my swelling to go down.

I don't know if there are special eye drops I can get, or something I should be applying.

Need advice. Professional answers greatly welcomed, thank you!

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    hmm, im not sure about your swollen eye, but i have gotten swollen eyelids like twice. and i dont know if you'll like it or not, its an old chinese method actually :)

    try tieing a black string on your left middle finger for a day.

    or for real life help, get some cream at the pharmacy :)

    i hope these things could help you! and Im not kidding abt the chinese traditional method :))

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    As your symptoms are persisting, it can be assumed that the particle is either embedded in the thin transparent layer of the eye on the white portion, or inside the folds of the eyelids, or on the transparent central part - the cornea. Since it is not causing a lot of watering and aversion to light or pain, most likely it is lodged inside the eyelids.

    It needs to be removed by a professional. You will need drops after the removal of the particle, but I strongly recommend that you show an ophthalmologist. You will need a mild antibiotic drop, a lubricant eye drop and possibly a drop to rest your eye - all after the removal.

    If the particle is small, and cannot be removed by just eyewash, it will need to be searched for using a microscope sort of instrument called the slit-lamp, and removed under magnification. It wont hurt. But if you allow it to stay, it can cause serious problems.

    Hope you get well soon.

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  • 9 years ago

    erythromycin cream for the eye.

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