What is the opinion of the Taiwanese in regards to being labelled "Chinese Taipei"?

I understand that this label was forced upon the Taiwanese by the IOC against their wishes, and at the time (1979) no one pushed hard enough to go back to the OLD name "Taiwan". Might it be possible to request that the IOC allow the ROC to compete AGAIN under the name "Taiwan"?

Does anyone know what song is played when a Taiwanese wins a gold medal?

[Side note on the Asian Games currently underway in China: There is already a controversy brewing over the judging in the TaeKwonDo competition.]

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    1 decade ago
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    Outrage lol. At least from people like my dad; he usually goes off on a rant about how China is such a a bully. However, as far as I know, it's still the Taiwanese anthem being played. As for a request, there are more members on the IOC from China than from 'Chinese Taipei', so prospects don't look good if it's based on the vote of the committee alone....

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    In Chinese, it is Zhōnghuá Taipei not Zhongguo Taipei. That was being announced in the opening ceremony.

    National Flag Anthem is the song is being played. It has been played 4 times in the 2010 Asiad Games.

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    It is a terrible idea to be mislabeled 'Chinese Taipei'. It is inaccurate and hurts the feelings of the Taiwanese.

    the judges are biased. Obviously someone got paid to make the Taiwan competitor's life hard, because the Chinese knew they couldn't compete fairly and win, so they had to cheat.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Chinese Taipei" is an acceptable name for now. "Chinese Taiwan", "Taiwan China", and "The Big Chinese Island in the Pacific" are also acceptable.

    I like Taiwan and want it to return to China as soon as possible, so right now would be great. I'll put my pants on and we can return Taiwan to China together.

    Taiwan is part of China and always has been.

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  • 1 decade ago

    that's a brilliant idea!

    i do not agree it's renamed Taiwan, that will be too unfair if an excellent figure skating or Pingpong athelete from Kinmen and Matzu or Penghu is called from Taiwan, because he/she is not really from Taiwan.

    you told us before Taiwan is just the big island.

    or maybe still call it Republic of China, it will still sound like China, so just let the rest of the world keep getting confused. LOL(Little One Laughs).

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